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  1. Agreed, Sony sensors don’t not handle clipped blue channels well.
  2. Hey! I did an interview with you guys last year at NAB and wear one of your shirts all the time.
  3. The price on this is great! I might pick one up.
  4. I love that the pic is just a render lol
  5. Don't get me started on even updating DJI drones. A surefire way for them to stop working right!
  6. There's one network I've shot for that still required D-Beta masters until very recently. Wow! Change happens slow in some parts of the industry. Did they have any reason why?
  7. Hello! I'm Joe, DP from Miami. I film Commercial, fashion and sports! I've been filming with the Miami Heat for 4 years now as well working as a Licensed Part Drone operator. I'm also one of the NAB Live on air hosts! Hopefully we can meet up next year!
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