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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about Zeiss' lens strategy / plans for the future ? The last Otus & Loxia released lenses approx 2.5 years ago, The last milvus was from 2017. The Zeiss ZX1 camera / prototype appears to have vanished from reality - announced 2+ years ago - and still "coming soon" on BHphoto. Meanwhile over In the cinematography lens realm - the Supreme Primes have been the primary focus of the Master Prime / lens engineers - with the full set believed to be completed later this year. Beyond that it's been all quiet on the Zeiss front for a while - interesting to see what the future holds and what kind of plans (if any) lay ahead for any further mirrorless/dslr lens lineups!
  2. Hah nice... 8K recording times gotta be limited to 10-15minutes I rekon....??! When I first saw that image though - reminded me of the GH4 interface unit ( underneath battery grip addon ) - that added XLR / audio control & extra battery - would be interesting if Canon offered a video features style battery extension grip - extra battery with XLR inputs / monitoring controls & perhaps additiona I/O etc...
  3. For some reason when I go there - it's greyed out - and I cannot edit Display name? o_O
  4. How do I change my listed Name? can't seem to get access in Profile / Accounts ? o_O
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