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  1. So I went and rented a 1030HD today just to try it out. It's a bit banged up and it definitely needs some servicing. But it cost $50 to rent for the day, so I figured what the hell, I'll try it out, even if it is a bit rough around the edges. In retrospect, I kind of wish I'd just rented one in pristine condition. The euro plate was a little sticky on this unit. And it was not confidence-inspiring. The plate didn't snap into place effortlessly with the first try. It took some wiggling and multiple attempts. That kind of soured me. Many times it would appear to be locked, but upon further inspection it would only be halfway in. Scary stuff with a cinema camera and pretty unacceptable for a rental item. I will be speaking to the rental house about this. But I also have to wonder if Oconnor's euro plates all get like this after some abuse. Maybe their euro plate mechanism is a little janky by design? I also didn't like the large plastic cylinder covering the internal components on the rear (see attached photo). I didn't expect that to be made of thin plastic and be so flimsy. In all the photos it looks like it's metal or something, so that surprised me. Lastly, the tie down on the 1030HD needs to be ratcheted down with a lot more muscle than I'm used to with my other heads. The metal dome on the Oconnor seems to like to slip inside the Flowtech's bowl a bit when pressure is applied. But that may also be due to the head just being bigger and bulkier, and therefore it has a taller center of gravity. Now, having said all that, I get what everyone says about OConnor's motion. It really is like butter. It moves better than any tripod head I've ever used in my life. All the starts and stops are completely effortless. It's subtle but it's addictive. Gonna try to find a Sachtler to play around with next.
  2. Yeah, that's one of my hesitations with the 1030. My current Miller Compass 25 weighs 6.3 pounds and the Oconnor sits at 8.2 pounds. So it's about 1.9 pounds heavier, though it is much larger in size. But that doesn't seem like a huge weight difference to me. I think it more has to do with whether the 1030HD head is just too beefy for a camera the size of the C300 III. I like the compact size of my current Miller, but the counterbalance sucks on it, and I've never been able to dial it in properly. It's only got 4 positions of counterbalance and it always drifts up.
  3. OConnor rates the 1030HD with a minimum payload of 0 pounds. But I’ve read that cameras below 10 pounds, such as mirrorless, don’t do very well on it, which your post kind of verifies. I think that’s where my hesitation with getting a 1030HD might lie. I just got a C300 III and I’ve got a bunch of shoots lined up with it (which is weird since the United States is utterly falling apart at the seams). Much like the C500 II, the C300 III can be stripped down to nothing or built up into an Amira/V-Lock type system. I kind of see myself shooting with it somewhere in the middle right now. Camera body, rear EVF, 4” touch screen for focus and scopes, a 7” smallhd touch for a clean image, and the larger BPA 60 batteries. Lenses could range anywhere from small EF to big ol’ Tokina Vistas.
  4. That’s a very good point about the SpeedLevel. I never thought about that, but I do the same thing. I’m guessing it would require retraining some muscle memory when it comes to moving the rig. The Flowtech 100’s have that nice handle, so I would probably just start using that. I currently have a Miller and it doesn’t work with my head. I just assumed Sachtler uses their own, unique thread size since I have never seen a SpeedLevel on anything but a Sachtler. But you’re right, might as well check. Maybe I’d get lucky.
  5. Yep. Depending on how brutal the day is, a heavy rig can start to wear you down over time, resulting in a little less energy put into getting the best shot. This is especially the case once you get older and start to really feel the abuse you've been putting your body through all those years operating a camera. If the rig is on sticks all the time, it's no big deal. But if you're getting creative, running around, getting on the ground, running up hillsides/slopes or going up and down stairs, a heavier rig does start to tax you towards the end of the day, no doubt. I love the Amira and I've shot with it a lot. I think it's probably the easiest camera to use, ever. Everything works on it. Footage looks gorgeous. It's just a total workhorse and it delivers in spades. But I will say, I don't go climbing onto rooftops with it much. I use it when I know things are a bit more controlled. I was about to get an Amira when the C300 III was announced. I just grabbed one of those and tossed the Arri LUT on it. I'm as happy as a clam. After using this camera for the past two weeks, I could easily see the C300 III become the new industry standard for docs. It's that good. Also, I think Arri is going to update the Amira pretty soon. There are rumors they'll be releasing a new 4k sensor by the end of the year. And I bet your bottom dollar we're going to see prices on the current Amiras become verrrryyyy appealing.
  6. Yeah, I realize they are very different heads. I guess I am comparing them because when the OConnor is purchased used and the Sachtler new, they are somewhat comparable in price. I keep reading that the 1030HD is not really a run-n-gun head. That it takes longer to balance and that it's much, much larger and bulkier. I kind of do a variety of shooting. I shoot docs and editorial one day, and then I'm off shooting commercials/music videos/shorts the other. Sometimes I've got large crews and sometimes it's me +1. Sometimes I'm using a C200 (or now a C300 III) and other times I'm using an Amira or a loaded Mini. The Sachtler appeals to me due to the quick counterbalancing, the SpeedLevel and the weight. The OConnor appeals to me because it's an Oconnor, will last forever, has their patented continuous drag and buttery smooth operation. I can get either of them for just about the same price.
  7. I’m considering get a new Sachtler Video 15 tripod head or a used O’Connor 1030HD. Has anyone used either of those heads before? I really like the Sachtler Speedlevel clamp that they make. Seems like it would be an awesome addition to the Flowtech sticks (which I have). The O’Connor head, which is almost 10 years old, is still in great condition though and has the continuously variable drag and counterbalance that makes O’Connor heads so nice. I haven’t gotten to try either out so I’m flying blind a little bit. Has anyone used those systems before? Thoughts?
  8. Thanks. That is helpful.
  9. Does anyone know how much battery life you get with the SmallHD 702 touch when running on two standard Sony NP-F970 batteries?
  10. Matt you mentioned your DoP soft box for your Gemini fits this Luxli Taiko. Do you have the DoP rabbit ears by chance? Just wondering if those fit this light as well.
  11. DcD

    Aputure Nova P300c

    Aputure themselves compare the Nova to a Skypanel S30 not an S60. The output won’t be anything close to an S60.
  12. Does your Chimera have an inner baffle? I’ve seen a lot of Chimeras without them. A baffle should distribute the light evenly across the rag on the softbox. For example, a Lupo Superpanel 60 only has a 40 degree beam and would definitely cause a hot spot. But the inner baffle on an Octa 5’ softbox diffuses the light before it hits the rag and allows the beam to fill the entire box...
  13. This is the light I've been waiting for. It balances that perfect line between output, power consumption and size. Push a couple of these into an 8x or a 12x and you've got a soft source that is more powerful than an M18. Throw the spotlight mount on one and you have a legitimate Jo-Leko. Attach a 5' soft box to the front and you have a clean, portable setup that can be moved by a single person and is larger and softer than anything you'll find on a Skypanel. Once you start working with decent output, it really is hard to go back. The more power, the more versatile it is, the more you can diffuse the light and the larger and softer you can make the source. This allows you to keep the light farther away from the talent and do things you could never do with smaller fixtures. If the spectral distribution and color rendition is good on this light, I think we're about to see a new industry standard.
  14. I have a Miller Compass 25 tripod head. Does anyone know if the Sachtler SpeedLevel Clamps work with other tripod heads? Or only on Sachtlers?
  15. As someone that was able to get your hands on one of the precious few C300 III cameras out there, I imagine you have a decent connection with a Canon rep. Is there anyway you could pass off that feedback to them? That timelapse mode is a feature we miss? The best I can do is fill out an online feedback form which I imagine goes straight to the trashcan on some server.
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