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  1. Update for anyone who finds the same thing – by switching the fan to 'always on' it reduces the noise considerably. Might not be great if you're shooting in a soundproof vault but I think it's probably quiet enough to leave on during a regular talking head interview... Edit: and yes I do like talking to myself!
  2. Hey all, Just wondered if anyone else with a Mk III also has loud fan noise on starting the camera up? It does stop when you hit record but it's very noticeable compared to the silent running of the Mk I I'm used to...
  3. Great to have another Elliot along for the ride!
  4. I know! The flights are still up on my calendar 😶 Going to rock the same vibe by piping some oxygen into the house, throwing all clocks away and closing the windows
  5. Hi all, I'm Elliot Smith – formerly of this parish! I'm a shooter/editor based in London, UK. Started out making multimedia at the Guardian when nobody watched it and now mainly work for a small agency here in the UK making short films for corporates, charities and NGOs.
  6. A new APS-C film point and shoot. My old one's due a replacement
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