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  1. Cool. It can do it in camera, no recorder needed. Its the original C500 that needs a recorder for 12bit 4:4:4. Just know that the new C300 MKIII and C500 MKII both dropped the 12 bit 4:4:4 from the camera, probably because Canon is pushing their Raw.
  2. I have only used in on my C300 MKII which has 12bot 4:4:4 in 2K and HD. Usually, I only ever rely on it for green screen work but there is a slight visual increase. Certain colors pop a little more in some circumstances to me. But I'm in no way some great image technician that can quantify its advantages. I just noticed that greens and some shades or red pop a little more.
  3. Nice animations, even if they are just simple models.
  4. Never used these either but the few I have seen use them, love them. You're right, deal of the century right there.
  5. I am a big fan of the AT-4053b for indoor dialogue. Has anybody use this mic with any other capsules besides the hypercardiod capsule it comes with? Would you recommend them?
  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Martin. I do agree that the new RF lenses are most likely technically better than older EF lenses but the tradeoff is versatility, which I think is the better of the two, especially with someone like who you deals with multiple cameras and mounts.
  7. It seems like everyone is always comments on every new camera, Canon or not, complaining that there is no RF mount option. Am I missing something. Why is everyone asking for this? Are RF lenses just that much better than EF Lenses? Not complaining, just really want to know why people are so demanding of an RF mount. I'm assuming it has to do with lenses.
  8. I have used the Tamron 15-30 f/2.8, the first version, and the AF or Stabilizer never worked on my C300 MKII. Its been in issue since day one, over 5 years ago. Originally, I thought it was broken but it works on Canon stills cameras completely fine. I'm assuming the new crop of Tamrons might have the same problems with Cinema EOS cameras but don't know for sure.
  9. I see what you mean. But not all cameras have ditched it. Amira and Alexa Mini have those modes, one of the Blackmagic Ursa cameras has crop mode in UHD, and the Cinema EOS cameras all have that mode, even if it is less than stellar on some cameras. Maybe Super16 lenses have a future in high speed capture as many cameras have their highest frame rates in cropped modes. I think even B4 primes like the Zeiss DigiPrimes have a use case in that scenario. They are built to be used wide open, they are cheap now, they have fast apertures, and are built like tanks.
  10. We have so much good new glass these days, its great to see. But I feel that there might be some good super16 glass that is being ignored when it should probably be more relevant now that super16 crop modes are very prominent in top tier cameras. The Hurt Locker brought some light to the Canon 8-64mm T2.4 but I am sure there are other lenses worthy of a come back. What are some super16 lenses that you guys have shot with that you'd like to lift from obscurity.
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