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  1. Thank you for your experience. I will tell you mine with the XEEN. I dropped my Xeen 50mm t1.5 after 2 years of using it. I was thinking about buying a new one or getting them repaired. I called the German distributor of the Xeen lenses. I told him that I dropped the lens. EF mount is broken and one element inside the lens is loose and if he thinks that it makes sense to send it in for repair. He replied that this is no problem as I am still under warranty!!!!!! They provide 5 years warranty. I just had to send the lens in and after 3 days I got a brand-new lens with a new mount. As you can imagine I was pretty surprised!!
  2. Does anybody here know the weight of the Scorpio FF Anamorphic lenses? I am searching for lightweight anamorphic lenses for a project where I shoot 2nd Unit Action shots. THX for your help
  3. For me the side plates are an essential piece. The base of the c500ii, c200, and c300iii use a small screw on plate canon calls TB1. This relates to the issue that the base of the camera is not rock solid with whatever baseplate you are using. it is kind of wobbling. so if you use just a clip on matte box and no lens support you really want this sideplates to prevent the camera from shaking when you pull focus.
  4. One thing should be added: thanks to the Arri style top plate, the camera can also be mounted easily upside down if needed
  5. Than you @Ollie Kenchington for doing this. great shots and grading!
  6. @Nezih I did not say they look bad. Read the comments from the people who made the test (Phill Holland, Mat Duclos,....). I think if they were not pretty sure they would not say this
  7. Hello all, My name is Günther and I am a DP based in Austria. I am in the business since 20 years and specialized in Mountain / Adventure / Sports Films. Good to have a new professional forum to talk. Here are examples of my work: https://www.redbull.com/at-de/streif-one-hell-of-a-ride-on-red-bull-tv https://www.redbull.com/at-de/films/mount-st-elias
  8. I think this will answer your questions: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?163197-SALT-VV-VistaVision-Lens-Shootout Make sure you read the comments on reduser. Looks like they are rehoused Samyang. I have to say I have a set of the XEEN and I am very happy with them. Maybe worth for you to take a look at the new XEEN CF
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