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  1. Sorry Paul - we've been fighting a battle against spammers on the boards. I've fast-tracked you to a full member so you can post anywhere.
  2. Yeah I can't for the life of me find a way to say that members of a certain group all go into moderation automatically. The "Automatic moderation" requires at least one user to report their content...
  3. OK so here's the current setup, which we can tweak as needed (too much spam, or too hard for people to join/interact): When registering, user has to answer a camera-specific question Google Captcha Email verification User must have posted three times and be more than three days old before they are allowed to embed links, images, attachments or create threads. I just tested and although I can "spam" replies straight away, I can't add links or anything so it's less of an annoyance and hopefully a deterrent.
  4. Cheers Ray. It does seem like the software should be very intuitive, but unfortunately it's very far from it 😞
  5. Definitely a balancing act, but we'll get there!
  6. Just an FYI I've requested a change to the forums so new members can't create threads or embed links for a few days. Unfortunately it needs file-system level modifications so I need to go via our developers, but hopefully by end of week things calm down a bit.
  7. Ray we've got no idea how it's happening... we've got all the anti-spam stuff set to the highest values, and now if you want to register you have to answer camera-specific questions, so it's pretty puzzling how it's still getting through.
  8. On my side, I've had a couple of customers who have had buffering issues since last month and the guys at Vimeo were eager to help with each case. As I understand they've then used those customer scenarios to improve the player and streaming. As I've said before, some people may knock Vimeo's performance but there's no way you can doubt their customer service and commitment to improving.
  9. Wow I've never seen that before. Four players on an NES!
  10. I'd feel naive to say MJ didn't have overall sign off and veto on anything in the doc. This is a fantastic documentary series but in no way would I call this journalism in any real sense. I don't think anything in the series (at least as far as last week's episodes) is actually new - personally I didn't know they blamed Horace Grant for the "Jordan Rules" leaks but I'm sure that's already online as well. I guess the real way to tell is if they bring up his perpetually bloodshot eyes... they touched on the drinking straight after the game when Scottie got upset they were filming him. But then it was more about MJ's early career and the things his teammates used to do. There's been stories about Barkley being flat out drunk during games in his Sixers years, if indeed Michael is battling alcoholism or some form of substance abuse possibly as a result of personal sacrifices (relationships etc.) he made to become the best ever then that would help to balance the story... But did anyone expect more than a "puff piece"? Not to discredit the filmmaker, his Iverson doc was really outstanding, but from what I've read it was basically the case that the NBA had this footage in its archives but couldn't release it until MJ signed off on it. They'd tried in the past but MJ was a fan of his Allen Iverson doc so agreed to it finally. But surely there were a stack of conditions given that all this exclusive footage was tied up in a bow. The amount of money they would be making off this is crazy... not just ESPN and the NBA as far as the broadcast goes but the memorabilia and merchandise across all the NBA, Bulls, Jordan and associated licensed stuff.
  11. Just posting a follow-up here for anyone that might land via a google search etc. that's struggling with text in Resolve. Turns out it was a coincidence that I'd upgraded to Catalina the same day as restoring this project from a collaborator, who had changed some project settings. The side effect of both being a near-identical text rasterizing issue was just bad timing. So it was the "Enable Video Field Processing" setting under "Timeline Format" in "Master Settings" that was the culprit. Disabling this setting has returned the text rendering to normal.
  12. I should have known you never update an OS for pretty much years after it comes out, but it's been a while now so I thought I should be OK. Unfortunately after updating from Mojave to Catalina today my external display (BenQ PD2720U) has terribly pixelated fonts which ultimately I can live with, but I was shocked to realise that any text in Resolve is exporting aliased as below. Mojave Catalina This is really surprising as the text rendering to the file should be independent of any display hardware etc. so I'm not sure what's going on. Text looks fine on my MacBook Pro display, but even if I disconnect the external monitor and only run Resolve on the laptop display the export is pixelated. I've tried various terminal commands (like these) to force font smoothing and sub-pixel antialiasing to no avail. I figure it's a good 2-3 days to roll back to Mojave and an upgrade is an eventuality so trying to push through. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Yep. That's how it's configured.
  14. Another vote for Frame.io if you're looking for private hosting. Great workflow, I recently started using the Resolve integration so can publish direct from Resolve's delivery page and it handles the upload and versioning, then syncs the notes back into the timeline. I can then publish direct to Vimeo once final versions are ready to go. Also having the app is great so I get notified of feedback/replies and can jump straight into the timeline to quickly check stuff, or push to Apple TV to easily review on a 4K screen. I did have one issues where it gave me multiple copies of notes though, so I deleted the copies and before I realised it had deleted all copies of the notes so literally we lost a round of feedback on a file. So not 100% perfect but I haven't seen that bug again. Not free but I don't think expensive at all ($50/month?) in a professional environment. Vimeo have since launched similar review tools which may catch up soon. I discovered frame.io on a project with @Ollie Kenchington and was thoroughly impressed, so I can attest as a client that it's an impressive experience that reflects positively on a production business.
  15. Yeah I'm going back a few years but when I started planning the current version of MZed in 2016 I went through the process with Wistia and it was going to be somewhere between $10k and $50k a year based on our traffic estimates. Vimeo is $500 flat rate regardless of our consumption, and for 99% of our members/users it works perfectly. For anyone that does have issues I am putting them immediately in touch with the Vimeo engineers to have their individual incidents identified and patched. Other than YT, Vimeo and Wistia I'm not aware of anyone else but I don't know if there's a need for anyone else. If you want cheap and reliable with limited control and tools, go YT. If you want value for money with the occasional hiccup it's Vimeo. If money's not an issue and you want privacy, tools, and customisation options go Wistia. As an aside I did do a test with Wistia four years ago and had a much more significant complaint level. We ran an isolated campaign with a free lesson from a Joel Grimes photography course. I liked that Wistia allowed you to play a variable amount of the video and then request the user email address to watch the remainder (I think Vimeo has something like that now). But when we launched on Joel's FB page there was an overwhelming number of complaints of buffering, to the point where it was professionally embarrassing for me. I never experienced any playback issues myself and this was four years ago, so things have likely improved since then.
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