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  1. Hi all! I'm Michael, Swedish DP. Working with commercials, documentary, narrative, in traditional 2D but also stereo 3D and in 360/VR. I started my career in photojournalism in the analogue times, dipped my hands in photochemical liquids, spent a couple of years in post-production and colour grading too. Specialised in Stereoscopic 3D (production and post) and 360/VR. I have lived in Spain, Czech Republic, Singapore and United Kingdom over the course of my career and I'm multilingual (English, Swedish, Spanish, Polish). I'm an owner-operator, with one foot in creative experimentation and the other in a lot of technical knowledge. Run my own business and I'm a partner in an advertising agency - in addition to joining a lot of projects with colleagues in the business (mostly in Europe + Southeast Asia). I look forward to share experiences, help anywhere I can and hear your stories too! Cheers!
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