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  1. What lenses are you folks using? My brother has an XT-3 that I've poked around with enough to make me consider purchasing one, but the X mount makes me hesitate.
  2. A good question to ask even in non-pandemic times. For me, the answer is usually no. On the bright side, waiting until answer to that question finally becomes yes, I do need to buy it right now means the gear has probably gotten even cheaper while I was waiting. Maybe one day the F35 will be cheap enough for me to justify buying one. Alas...
  3. True, there are the adapters, and they work alright. But that's not really what I'm looking for. I want Fuji or Canon to release a servo zoom with a native 4/3" image circle. Obviously if you want a large zoom range, you have to either have a huge lens or a small image circle; that's one big reason why ENG still relies so heavily on 2/3" cameras/lenses. To me, Micro Four Thirds seems like the perfect "large" format for ENG: The dimensions make for an easy conversion from 2/3" to 4/3" using a lens's built-in doubler Short flange distance adds flexibility in adapting from other lens mounts Still fairly easy to pull focus on; definitely easier than full frame/super 35 Obviously there are additional concerns to be addressed. But I think the concept is solid and that there would be an audience for such a thing.
  4. When Blackmagic released the Studio Camera (back in 2014, if I'm not mistaken), I felt it was a terrible decision to use a Micro Four Thirds lens mount, because the lens selection was terrible for the application. There were and are no MFT servo zooms, which basically knocks the Studio Camera out of the running. I've only ever seen a single unit out in the wild. Sure, you could use a B4 adapter and hope the lens has a doubler, but that's less than ideal from an optical standpoint. Five years later, there are still no MFT servo zooms. In the meantime, Blackmagic has released the Studio Camera 2 in HD and 4K, two models of Micro Studio Camera, and the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (which is now being advertised as an ideal unit for multi-cam in coordination with the ATEM Mini), all of which have a MFT mount. Consider also the Z Cam lineup and the fifty billion other MFT cameras that do video. There are a number of Super 35 zooms, so it seems to be possible. Canon has the cine-servo lineup. The Fujinon MK lenses are available in MFT, but they lack a first-party motor and are designed for S35. Am I crazy? Or is this actually a legitimate product category that has yet to be addressed? I just want to be able to take a GH5 or E2 and work as fast as I do with a 2/3" ENG cam.
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