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  1. You should be able to use a V-lock charger that has a 4-pin 16.8V XLR output as well if you can't find a dedicated power brick as it's an industry standard.
  2. With the updated design, you can quite quickly remove the side plates and just leave the top plate & baseplate. They don't weigh much though. One important part that the sidesplates do is add rigidity to the camera build and takes any stress from the top handle. If you're just going lightweight, you may even choose to take the camera out of the cage if everything is clipped on, without rods as you don't need to disassemble the cage to remove the camera
  3. Hi all, Together with Canon Australia, we've launched an exclusive deal for our fellow Australians. (potentially NZ too, but still waiting to confirm) Buy one of the Left Field kits with the C500 II/C300 III to get 15% off the kit plus additional savings on the cameras. The packages are also available for Canon's 0% P.A. finance and you can also take advantage of the governments instant tax write off. More details at https://www.brighttangerine.com/canon-australia-eofy-offers-bright-tangerine-c300-c500/ Available at SUNSTUDIOS, Lemac, Videocraft & Pro AV
  4. Thanks @Günther Göberl & @Mark Broadbent, appreciate the support. Mounting it upside down is what Brett Danton just did over the weekend with a camera robot
  5. Thanks @Tommaso Alvisi, I had the Varotal 18-100mm in there but not the 20-100mm. Indeed, the 144mm is a funny size. I don't think our 143mm will fit but I will ask and find out.. We can do custom sizes but that usually does require a minimuim quantity.
  6. yeah, balance is a tricky one particularly with such a modular camera. I'm not sure exactly what viewfinder mount they used on the Canon shoot but we do have one in the works that shouldn't be too much longer. In our typical style, it does things differently to what's currently available
  7. I had a nice call with Jem Schofield today, as I also had a few questions about his setup and he mentioned a few cloud based options which takes the bandwidth load off you as the host. Check out these: https://streamyard.com/ https://boinx.com/mimolive/buy/ https://golightstream.com/mixer/
  8. Hi @Mark Broadbent, good to see you on the NS forums. We do have a shoulder pad solution in the works but is has been slightly delayed due to the pandemic. Keeping the camera centre of gravity low is a reason why we don't particularly like adding shoulder pads underneath but can understand why people do it. At the back of the baseplate, we have already implemented the provisions for the shoulder pad. Having it placed here not only keeps the camera height but still let you quick release from the dovetail.
  9. I guess the idea is somewhat to be crowd sourced, if people notice any missing lenses we can add them in pretty quickly. If people want to extend the printable version, we could do a 2nd page and make it reversible to fit more.
  10. @Phil Cooper glad its useful. I've done the google hunt too many times. Not sure why lens manufacturers hide it pages deep in the specifications table 😁
  11. Welcome Phil, Great to see more fellow Brits in the forum.
  12. Nice BTS, great to see the Misfit was used for the film
  13. As a manufacturer of matte boxes, we often have to look up lens sizes to advise customers of what size clamp adapter or clamp-on ring to use with different lenses. We put together this chart that has a lot of the most used lenses in a print-friendly format that you can stick on your prep bay or matte box case. There is also an online version that lets you quickly search for keywords and is continually updated - https://www.brighttangerine.com/lenses lens sizes.pdf
  14. We have a full range of camera cages & accessories for Canon, BMD, Sony, ARRI, RED & more. Besides mounting points for accessories, you get quick release and sliding capabilities for optimal balance. Side plates remove physical stress from the camear body as well. This is the V1 C200 Cage reviewed by @Erik Naso https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/23/hands-on-with-the-bright-tangerine-left-field-canon-c200-cage/ Looking forward to have our latest kits reviewed on the site - https://www.brighttangerine.com/product-category/camera-accessories/
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