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  1. I shot plenty of docs and doc style content in 2.35:1, here's a few examples. Ultimately I'd say its down to personal choice and what's best for the project. I picked 2.35:1 in these examples as it was my preference and suited the style of both pieces. Hope that helps...!
  2. Yeah I'm considering doing that for projects where space is at a premium, or I'm not delivering footage direct to client. I usually shoot 3.2k for a 2k deliverable for all the low budget narrative stuff I shoot for that reason.
  3. I think you only have to watch Steve Yedlin's talk on resolution to realise that Arri's 'fewer, better pixels' approach is more important than a resolution number on the page (but I know how clients can be!) I've not had a problem with it yet, equally the world is always changing - I think as long as you're not shooting for Netflix or for display on an IMAX screen you'll be fine. Anecdotally, the upscaled UHD to my eye is 'sharper' and appears more resolute than a lot of cameras with 4K pixel counts I've used in the past. To address your original weight question, it does get heavy over time but I don't find it massively more heavy than something like a fully rigged up FS7 or C300 MKII package, and it has the advantage of having a more controllable centre of gravity as you're not adding loads of gack to it as you would with the other two cameras. Equally, since buying one I've had to hit the gym a little more, worth it for that sweet Arri image quality IMO!
  4. I went through 4-5 702 monitors when buying one a few years ago, as they all had a fault where a small blue line of pixels would randomly appear on screen for a couple of frames, disappear, then reappear somewhere else. Apparently they had a bad batch of panels from a new supplier that wasn't playing nicely with their firmware at the time, so can imagine this might be something similar. I don't think you can beat their monitors for functionality, design etc at the price point but they've always been a bit glitchy .
  5. The Nova (assuming it maintains the approx price they've been suggesting) is definitely on my radar. Much as I love my Kino Select 30 its sometimes a little big and lacks punch for some applications. Likewise the 600D, if its as good as they're making out could be a good option if it genuinely reduces my need to hire 1.2K HMIs. Been incredibly impressed with my 300D MKII so if they carry on in that style they'll both be excellent fixtures. Haha, know what you mean. I've got an office for kit storage which means I don't have a space excuse, which can become dangerous!
  6. I think CVP has some footage to download in the description of this video: As a C300 MKII user for the last 5 years it looks like an impressive upgrade. From the footage posted on the Newsshooter hands on its definitely much cleaner in the shadows and maybe a bit better in the highlights. Definitely one to keep an eye on, especially at the more sensible price point they've gone with. Almost enough to make me regret my recent Amira purchase...but not quite 😜
  7. I'd imagine one of them will be their Nova RGB panel light. I think the guys said summer for the 600D at BSC, so could imagine either a new product development announcement, or a reveal of the final production model 600D (as the ballast is meant to be redesigned to be smaller) as one of the others. They also have those practical lightbulbs they announced last NAB to update on.
  8. Hi Adrian, Thanks for taking the time to watch the film. I watched yours - interesting guy and fascinating to see the similarities and differences in approach by both the artists who are the subjects of the films, and the filmmakers who have captured their stories. Michael's work is quite similar in a lot of ways to Nial's - wonder if they know each other as Nial is based in Norfolk. I used to be Norwich based before my move to Birmingham and still work a lot in Cambridge and East Anglia - small world!
  9. Hey everyone! I'm a filmmaker and freelance DOP based in the UK (in Birmingham) I run a small Video Production Agency where we create mainly branded content/commercial/corporate work: www.weareforward.uk as well as being a freelance DOP shooting mostly the same kind of stuff, as well as some feature doc and narrative work: www.tommartindop.com Super excited that you guys have put the effort in to launch this; if the standard of conversation here is as good as the articles we'll be onto a winner (especially as we've all got lots more time on our hands all of a sudden) Here's my latest short film to give you an idea of the sort of stuff I make. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!
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