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  1. Hey ya'll, Ian Cresswell here from Nashville, TN in the USA. My work is split pretty evenly into three categories. 1. I'm a freelance camera operator, typically with an FS7 for ENG/TV/Commercial projects. 2. I'm a Part 107 Drone Pilot, been flying about 7 years and have owned/flown everything from a version 1 DJI Phantom also the way up to a big 30+ pound heavy lifter flying my RED Helium 8k. Here's a look at some of my drone stuff: 3. I also work quite often as a 1st AC for a variety of projects. Setting up cameras (Alexa Mini's, Sony Venice, REDS, FS7s, etc etc) and pulling focus for everything from music videos, to feature films, to commercials, to web series, to tv shows, etc. I really enjoy each of these 3 disciplines and love that every day is a little different. I've always been a big fan of the professional content, news, and reviews, on NewsShooter.com, and I look forward to the discussions here. Cheers!
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