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  1. That's interesting. Is there a large contingency of people that are filming through the EVF than I know about? 95% of my time, I am looking at the LCD. Partially because of glasses, partially because of higher degree of movement. I just get the sense that there's so much attention paid to the EVF when I feel like it's barely functional as-is. Now, don't get me wrong, if one is using the EVF, having it be rad makes sense. I just feel like it gets a disproportionate amount of attention when we're in the video world. One step further... if it is that important, it's super uncomfortable and I wish that there were a large number of accessories to make it awesome. What about a magnifying eyecup for instance?
  2. Can someone explain to me why the viewing angle on the EVF matters at all?
  3. Izotope is vst? Nevermind to my above. Weird that I couldn't see that clearly said on the website. Thanks!
  4. I'm not totally unfamiliar with the landscape. Here's my resistance. Before buying, I'm seeing that there is no direct plugin to premiere. Which seems short-sighted? But, looks like Izotope is at the top of a lot of people's lists. And it apparently gets its secret sauce from machine learning—which I think gets really great and impressive results that an human just usually can't. But I hate that I'll have to add it as one more step before I can export. But, again $27 to take otherwise unusable audio to perfectly acceptable. That's priceless. Well, I take it back. It's worth $27.
  5. Looks like Elements is on sale. Don't know if it's one of those perma-sale sort of things, but for $27, I'm not going to think twice if it helps with my current documentary series. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Hey, those seem pretty good. The basic bundle looks like all I'd need. I'm definitely going to keep it in mind if I've got a tough project. At the moment – q2 2020 – I've got not fun money. But now I know for when the time is right!
  7. Hey all. I just learned about fxfactory/ Crumplepop audio tools. You can check them out here: crumplepop.com. But they all require a Mac. I'm impressed with how they work—But I run a PC rig and edit in Premiere. Is there a windows equivalent? So, I'm wondering what available tools are there for the best post-production audio cleanup without too much fuss?
  8. Hey all. Isaac Svensson from Long Beach, California. I expected way more folk to be in SoCal! But I dig it. I am the CEO of a small video-first marketing and production agency here. I ended up as a jack of all trades which I suggest no one else do unless you like instant ramen and having your couches up against your walls. I also helped start a new radio station out here: KLBP. That was an interesting exercise as well. Y'all better believe this will be my new home for question-asking and dialog!
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