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  1. I own the FS7, and use the 450 when I’m back filling at a Canadian news network. As needed I use my FS7 and it works well in the Networks environment and workflow, same XQD cards. But there are some short comings and fragile parts to the FS7. There is flexibility in the FS7 for the network magazine shows, and I’ve had no problems using it for US news clients and the commercial/production work. It’s a still asked for camera. Having said that, if it’s shared gear, or little need for production value an FS7 brings to the table I’d pick the 450. It’s good in low light, great on power and it’s got everything thing where you need it. Just my opinion, others will have there own. Barry
  2. I hope you are right. I reached out to the makers of Shotput Pro, they said they have thought about it but manufacturers would have to have drivers and the is a question about powering both the external drive and the card reader. I would think USBC would have enough for that. Also they weren’t sure that the maker would be big enough to make it cost effective. Will wait and see what the new OS has in store. In the mean time I guess I will try and get my laptop to last another year or two.
  3. I'm good with being a smart ass, I'm one myself, often. I guess that's that's the $1000 idea, if there was an app, I'd buy it. As we get pushed to do more and more, I'm looking at ways to carry less crap. I've been experimenting with LumaFusion, and it does what I need on the road. But getting media backed up, and connected to my current iPad mini is the current roadblock in the system. I realize the mini isn't the right tool, but before dropping $$ I like to test out a work flow. Appreciate your response.
  4. Looking at an iPad Pro to replace my well worn Mac book pro. My normal workflow is to verify copy my XQD cards via shotput pro to an external HD. Anyone know of or use an iPad app that can do this? I’ve been googling it up and can’t seem to find anything that fits the bill.
  5. Hi, Barry from Ottawa, Canada. Did 24 years as a news guy. Started in local, left as a network camera/cutter. Now freelance, doing everything from corporate, production to doc stuff. Anything but weddings. Also did 18 years on a fly fishing show. Thanks for putting this together and for all you guys do at Newshooter.
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