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  1. Hi dear I'd like to share SEEDER robotic jib. The robotic crane system consists of one U type robotic pan tilt head, one adjustable jib, one smart support base, one control unit or control software that have been developed for daily use in different type of broadcast studios, remote photography and so on. The robotic crane system can be remotely controlled by one person. It provides ultra-smooth and continual motion through integrating AI technology in it. It allows an operator to easily create dynamic moves such as W or S without losing camera orientation. Movements that have been saved can be triggered with just one click or even automatically. New movements are created within minutes and existing ones can be modified easily. Optical and dynamic collision avoidance technogy makes the equipment run safety and stably. About its curvilinear motions, it is continuous curvilinear motions. It refers to the continuous point movement from point A to B to C to D to.., rather than stopping at each point and then continuing to shoot. Otherwise, it is linear motion. That's the point! Another point is anti-shake technology. In the case of FAST start/stop instead of SLOW start/stop, there should be no shaking picture during shooting, especially the long focus end motion anti shake. These features make the shooting in studios more stable and easy to use. It saves manpower and improves efficiency. Thank you!
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