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  1. I just bought the Sokani too after a LOT of research. Haven't noticed any colour cast at all. Very nice build quality for the money. Stick a big octabox on there and bingo. Clients like to see where their money is going. I've worked with a number of DP's who put up extra lights that aren't affecting the scene at all on commercial shoots just to impress the client with the "look at all the pretty equipment, I must be worth the money" Personally I love the Sokani it holds it's own against much more expensive lights I have owned.
  2. I was DOP/Co-Producer/Motion Graphics Artist for this :-🙂 The award winning documentary "Traces of the soul" by Martin Cooper is showing for FREE as part of Washington, DC International Film Festival until June 11th. See it here:- https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ffdctracesofthesoul/422679684… It's the 1st and only time it's been available online for free!
  3. Happy to say I did the film roll motion graphic sequences between the chapters on this. I'm lucky enough to have worked with Scott for a while doing small motion graphic bits for MZed. (Thanks @Scott Emerton 🙂 (And I'm available if anyone needs anything similar:) Really looking forward to seeing it as I love Tom's work.
  4. I've been working my way through the "Cinema Sound" course on MZed and have just come across something I've never seen before in Audio mixing. Mark Lewis talking about Basic audio "grades". (around 4:40 in the video below) I'm a reasonably competent sound mixer/editor. I worked as a recording studio engineer in music production for 5 or so years many many moons ago (16 track tape based should give you an idea of when:) I've never come across this "basic grade" technique for video production sound anywhere else before. Does anyone here have any thoughts on this? Is this common practice in audio mixing for film? Genuinely interested in some input from people with more experience in this.
  5. Hi Tom, Nice to see other UK based filmakers/DOP's here. I'm in Cambridge myself. Really enjoyed your Nial Adams film. I've made a number of films about artists too and always enjoy seeing how other DOP's approach the subject. (my most recent one on St Neots based artist Michael Murfin here if you are interested - https://www.uchujin.co.uk/Uchujin2017/video.html#michaelmurfin )
  6. Yep, just posted something and the edit button is there now. Thanks Scott.
  7. Wow, you have WAY more interesting and colourful birds in your part of the world! I took delivery of a £35 (UK) Soligor 400mm f6.3 lens last week that I just bought for a bit of fun 🙂 £35? why not, first thing I did was go and shoot birds on the roofs around my garden. Minimum focus distance is 6.5m so shooting much else will be interesting. Impressed by how good such a cheap lens looks to be honest. Shot in 100fps on a Sony A7III, Soligor via an M42 to NEX adapter. Just colour corrected in Resolve.
  8. No the "Quote" and "options" buttons never appeared, I wanted to edit my post immediately afterwards and they weren't there. Not there now either, I just checked.
  9. A few games companies are doing limited freebies at the moment. Epic games (The Fortnite people) gave away World War Z recently which I've been playing inbetween stuff as Scoot suggests, for a break. Shooting Zombies seems very appropriate right now.
  10. This sounds like a good idea in theory, but Zoom? It's a well documented privacy nightmare and I for one will not ever be installing it or even using the web client. Plenty of alternatives that are far more trustworthy and work just as well. Jitsi for starters. If it's almost anywhere but Zoom (or Facebook) I'd be in for some internet drinking 🙂
  11. Is there anyway to edit posts you've made? I wanted to add something to my "introduce yourself" post and will likely need to correct spelling and grammar moving forward 🙂
  12. Hi all. I'm Adrian, a UK based self shooting Director, Documentary DOP and motion graphics dabbler.
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