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  1. It is a great camera. I actually bought the S1 in preference to the S5 as I wanted the more solid build, plus full sized HDMI and top screen display. One of the autofocus features I use the most is the tap to focus (can't remember exactly what is called). I recently filmed in a factory using a crane, so had my phone running Lumix sync via WiFi, and then was able to set a focus box and tap on my phone screen to set the focus area. It worked flawlessly, plus the ability to also remotely set iso, white balance, shutter speed and aperture was amazing. The fact it takes fantastic photos is a bonus too. I do agree with you about the limited lens options. However their quality is stunning, and if you're going to stick with the system then the investment makes sense. I hope you get the opportunity to do some travel videography 👍 and thanks for taking the time to write up your experiences.
  2. Funny you mention the monopod - I use one on the base of my S1 with the stabilisation turned on and get very nice results. I have a Ronin S, but to be honest I still prefer the vest system I mistakenly sold after believing all the hype about gimbals. I think you're right in the direction of adding mass to the rig, particularly when it's offset, and if you can couple this with a camera with decent stabilisation the results are excellent and with almost zero setup. I do ninja walk though... I also would be interested if anyone has an alternative solution.
  3. Hi, I'm Steve - videographer, editor and CGI dude. New shooter is my go-to site for video related stuff so delighted this forum has been created. Big user of MFT and full frame, but try not to be a fanboy about any particular system. Technology is there to serve us, not the other way round 😃
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