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  1. The Bolt 500 XT seems to be end of life, anybody heard anything of waht will replace it or did I just miss the announcement???
  2. Thanks for your thoughts guys. Guess I'll wait for the next fire sale from teradek...
  3. Hi all, I am in the market for a new wireless video solution in the around 1500$ range for a 1:1 set. Needs to have SDI in and out on the transmitter, hdmi would be a "nice to have" as well. I have been looking at the Bolt 500 XT or LT, the Vaxis Storm 800, Hollyland Cosmo 600, maybe something from swit? Who is using what and what is your experience, maybe someone even had the chance to compare some different systems? Thanks! martin
  4. I own an Amira as well and of course it depends. If I have a small crew, an assistant or at least someone to help me carry my stuff around, the Amira is a wonderful camera to use. Also if you don't change locations constantly and if you are working in a sort of planned manner. Or if you are like really really strong 🙂 But I find myself shooting on my own a lot recently and I think for that type of work, where you are alone, trying to follow your subject and don't want to be a hindrance, the Amira is too heavy and too big. I also own an ergorig and use an easyrig from time to time, but that is another piece of gear I need to bring. Plus you will have to carry a bunch of big batteries to get you through the day plus a beefy tripod. And to me, it really happens that on a long day I don't have enough energy left to get the shots I wanted to. Of course an Amira with a nice lens, mattebox and what not is not that much heavier than fully rigged other cameras, but a barebones C300 with a stills lens is really light...
  5. @Nezih oh no, please don't say that, I owned a FS7 before the Amira and hated it for years 🙂 Looking forward to the podcast, even if I maybe don't want to know the truth. I really like the form factor and ergonomics of the C series, so versatile. And I like S35 sensors, makes my life easier and I can use my beloved Optimo DPs. So here is me hoping the C300 III is better than the S35 from the C500 II thanks to DGO. @Martin Håndlykken I also use an easyrig, especially on commercial jobs, but I always struggle with the size of the easyrig. I am quite tall and every door becomes an obstacle. So recently I got an ergorig, . Did not use it that much yet, but it is quite promising, especially for shoulder work.
  6. @Nathaniel Bockley +1 for Puhlmann, I also bought my Amira through him and he also helped me sell some stuff. Great guy!
  7. I own an Amira and love everything about it, except the weight and size. Now with the C300 3 coming, I am really thinking of switching to the Canon as I mostly shoot documentary on my own and would love to have a smaller and lighter package. I know it is to early to tell, but what do you think, will the Canon's image with DGO get close to the Amira? I was not convinced by the C200's image... Just something I am thinking about with still not much work going on right now 🙂
  8. I owned a set of Canon CN-E primes for a couple of years but sold them. I always liked the look of the Optimo DPs much more, the Canons were technically good but just a little "boring" maybe. As far as I know, the optics in the Styles are the same as in the DPs.
  9. I have the Optimo DPs for my Amira. Before I had the Amira I used them on the FS7. Lovely lenses, sharp but not too much, wonderful natural contrast and vintage flares if you don't use a mattebox. Skin looks great with these lenses. If you shoot in 3.2K on the Amira, the 16-42 vignettes quite a bit on the wide end, and especially the 16-42 has some wild moustache distortion. If you can live with that, they are wonderful. The DP versions do not work on every PL mount out there, for example the Kinefinity e-ND PL mount or the PL version of the C200. If you want versatility in mounts, you will need to get the Style versions, which are much more expensive though. I was also considering the Canon Zooms, but they are heavier and bigger, especially the focus barrel, which makes them harder to operate without a follow focus I think. If I would buy a lens now, I would absolutely consider the Zeiss 21-100 for the Amira, I think it is a very good range if you shoot in 3.2k. In HD not so much though...
  10. Hey all, does anyone know if the Angenieux Optimo DP Zooms (16-42 and 30-80) fit on a Canon C500 mkII with PL mount (and therefore also the C300 mkIII hopefully)? I own a set and they are my most used and favourite lenses but are limited in their compatibility as their rear section is so long. This was changed with the "Style" versions, but upgrading to the styles is kind of expensive and hopefully not necessary with Canons new PL mount.
  11. Hi, I am Martin Friedrich from Munich, Germany. I am a DP/Director with a background in stills photography, shooting mostly documentary, some commercial and corporate work and branded content. You can find my work on www.martinfriedrich.com Thanks for starting this forum!
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