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  1. Hi, It’s an honor to join this community. I am a soon to be retired neuroradiologist. I have had a life long love of cinematography, am a serious amateur photographer, and have done my best to try to keep up with the advances in the technology. I found this site through a post on the Magellan 65mm film camera. While I have been increasingly impressed with the capabilities of digital cinema, I still fondly remember the days of seeing the epic films like Lawrence of Arabia properly projected by Norelco DP70’s onto a huge screen. I also operated such machines as a younger man. While I have attended “revival” presentations using 65mm film, It strikes me that the present xenon illumination doesn’t quite give the image luster that can achieved with optimum operation of a carbon arc source. The problem seems more prevalent with digital projectors. I’d appreciate the thoughts of you professionals, who have dedicated their lives to producing the finest imagery.
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