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  1. Hey gang, I'm a shooter in the midst of deciding which direction to pursue and just discovered this site. After graduating from SAIT's RTBN program I started shooting and editing freelance for local media in 2014. I've been working full-time for four years mostly shooting local news and simple projects for Citytv. I recently decided to grab a communications degree this year, so I'm currently working part-time for CityNews in Calgary while in full-time university. Most of my shooting experience thus far is ENG, studio, and sports but I'm wanting to get into production work and would love to work on documentaries, perhaps even work abroad and in conflict zones. I'm unsure if the film industry is a worthy pursuit or freelance is the way to go. I'm pretty confident in my shooting, want to learn and improve a lot more, and don't really know what next steps to take. I am looking to possibly make the move from Calgary to Vancouver next fall as I believe there may be more opportunities out west? I'm pretty green and don't know much about career development at this point or really where to get started from here. All I know is that broadcast television in my market has nosedived since I started and I'm much more interested in scaling up my opportunities than staying in news. Looking for inspiration on this site! Nice meeting everyone. I would like to know if anyone has come from ENG news and developed a role in production or freelance work successfully. I am looking at my potential paths and would love some mentorship or advice. Glad this place exists and I really hope to get to know some cool people. Hit me up! Cheers, Stefan
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