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    Sony PMW-F3

    I LOVED my F3! The only reason I left it behind was 4k--which 3 years later, almost no client has ever actually finished in. (Feels like wasted money.) I have never loved a SONY menu, but the F3 was somewhat sensible. And the 4:4:4 color. But the thing I miss most was the highlight rolloff, it always looked right--really filmic. I'm kind of a Canon fan-boy now, but I struggle to make C200 raw lite fall off quite the same way. I'm hoping the new Sony sensors regain some of this highlight love, but I haven't seen it yet. LONG LIVE the F3!
  2. Djangosan

    Sony PMW-F3

    I loved my F3! It really had a gorgeous, creamy roll-off into highlights. It made me look like a better shooter than I was!
  3. From all I've read, the G2 Tamron lenses are even more hobbled on the C100/200/300 series: no VC and no AF at all. I'm sad to hear your experience re the earlier models, as I was hoping the G1 15-30 would play nice with VC and DPAF on the C200. There must be a slightly different lens communication protocol happening in the Cinema cams, because the stills guys can use them just fine. Weird. One can hope that it's just a firmware fix away. But I'm not holding my breath.
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