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  1. Thank you for the reply Ray. The range in this case is measured in kilometres, rather than metres, so that rules out a wifi solution. Basically it's a control room at location A, and a video recording studio at location B. These are some distance apart, let's say 10km. From location A I need to control every bit of AV equipment in location B. I've largely solved the design, but the zoom question lingers as the challenge.
  2. Just exploring whether there's a product out there to remote control the zoom ring of a lens attached to a low end cine camera (the new BGH1, in this case)? There's solutions to zoom control in the handycam range via lanc jacks (XF405, etc), and obviously PTZ cameras and studio B4 setups. Just curious if there's anything that runs control through ethernet or a locally attached machine? For background I'm trying to solve complete AV control of a video studio from a remote location some distance away on the same network. Not thrilled with the PTZ options and budget doesn't likely extend to B4 solutions so I'm trying to work out if it can be done with a cine camera or whether I need to compromise down to a XF405 or similar. The third option is giving the room occupant wireless zoom control that I direct remotely. I assume I can do this with a Nucleus Nano plugged into a 14V AC to USB outlet. Cheers
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