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  1. https://www.vfgadgets.com/shop/power/battery-adapters/v-mount-adaptor-for-bpu-batteries-vl-bpu/ Please see above BPU to V Mount adapter plate.. Could using the above style adapter with say 3x BPU-90 (https://www.betterbatt.com.au/s/camcorder-battery/sony/bp-u90/bbcb-405/?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=sony-bp-u90&utm_campaign=camcorder-battery&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+/+Camcorder+Battery+/+Parts+/+Sony+/+Battery&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=2353616086&hsa_cam=194644005&hsa_grp=12631045965&hsa_ad=42535888005&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=pla-18283950120&hsa_kw=&hsa_mt=&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhIP6BRCMARIsALu9LfngmB3NnQD4nhPzcbxY79ZgvbYMwp4bQAuys8W5vFPmH0p4Q2xIQ2saAtBZEALw_wcB) Would this essentially give you 300ish watt hour v mount battery equivalent? As an FX9 owner this could potentially be a solution for powering larger LED lights (300 watt) using batteries which can have a second use in the FX9.. (I know that a 300wh v mount also has a use on an fx9 but I really prefer to run the camera as stripped down as possible..) Or would there be an issue with the output where those high power LED lights need to draw quite a few amps.. **note: im not really thinking its a practical alternative to just using large capacity v mount batteries but am just curious as to difference between the BPU and V mount battery aside from their contact points (bpu90 14.4v and similar physical size and capacity to a 98wh v mount..**
  2. Im currently considering replacing my 3rd copy of all of my files (approx 40TB and growing) with a cloud alternative.. So far im looking at backblaze, dropbox and google drive.. I have 100Mb/s connection at my office - however very local to me is hot desk location which has Gigabit connection (I believe its advertised as up to 10Gb/s)... My plan is to hire a hot desk at this office precinct for a couple of weeks and look to upload all of my files and then just keep up with the rest from my own connection once the bulk is complete (probably average 100GB a week) Does anyone have experience in doing this and or anything to look out for or any advice? Backblaze looks to be the cheapest but have heard you need to connect the drives every 30 days or else you lose the back up (this seems like a bad idea??) Dropbox is the next cheapest and to be honest is the one im thinking looks the best and I already use dropbox currently on a small scale but am a little concerned on what sort of upload speed I can expect to get with their servers (cant find this advertised anywhere really...) 3rd option is google drive - you can qualify for an unlimited sized google drive if you are a g suite account with at least 5 users.. I already have an account with 4 users so would be adding a bit of extra money for this option but im going to guess their upload speeds are going to be the best? and possibly the data be the most secure there?) Once again any advice much appreciated..
  3. yes - I did.. I see they have released a new firmware in the last 2 days.. I'll report back if any improvement
  4. Thanks for the reply Joe, I feel like the gimbal itself is in a beta like state, things work but its a long way from smooth and easy operation.. As I said in a previous post I have been able to get quite reasonable results from it.. (and I have been going with what you suggest of get tilt axis perfect and roll as close as possible) There is still certain angles or movements which give pretty bad vibration and basically shot ruining but generally this is coming with testing it by moving to all sorts of angles which probably doesn't reflect real world use cases.. (but certainly not anything ive experienced on previous gimbals..) Another thing which I think could help see better results is the addition of a ronin/movi style square frame for it which I believe smallrig are currently developing.. something tells me that having hands spread further apart will allow for more subtle and minute movement. Also I dont know if its just me but attempting to fly a gimbal of this size with a FX9 without an easyrig is basically back breaking after about 20 minutes..
  5. Yes unfortunately I think the gimbal is just built with these issues and a firmware update and or replacement unit will not solve it (I have however seen a couple examples of other people online who appear to have successfully balanced theirs.. The easyrig is good in terms of allowing you to not be drained by the weight so quickly so allows for better shots in that regard but the physical action of walking with an easyrig actually makes walking and the up and down motion of steps more exaggerated. This is why the flowcine serene arm was invented unfortunately its price makes it out of reach for some..
  6. Okay great thankyou for this response - The gimbal does have minor vibration in this configuration (on ultra motor settings it has major vibration, on low motor setting it has major vibration, on medium / medium high motor setting it has very minor vibration ) I am being able to achieve quite good results with the gimbal - however I feel like If was able to achieve true perfect balance these would be better. Obviously on lighter camera packages to FX9 these issues are all not as bad.. but as the weight gets heavier these problems seem to be magnified..
  7. Please see this video for example of the balance issue with FX9.
  8. Please see this video to see the issue - impossible to have both axis perfectly balanced..
  9. my email address is [email protected] - I have already been in facebook messenger conversation with your support people so this would be a great help. The lens I am using with A7R is Sony 24-70 2.8 GM.. - I am not questioning the motors on the gimbal as yes you are correct with the motor torque on low you can get good results. However I believe if I was able to perfectly balance the gimbal it would achieve much, much better results. This balance problem is magnified with higher weight cameras.
  10. That would be fantastic... so far I have only received the troubleshooting steps of - are you using both screws on the camera baseplate, is the camera balanced and have you tried adjusting the motor strength... (all valid questions but doesnt feel like they are addressing the issue or possibility that gimbal built out of square would not be possible to perfectly balance) I appreciate that you cannot have a product engineer answering everyones issues but would be nice to see some clarity on this issue especially if such a large % of the current owners are experiencing it. (I have also sent them numerous video recordings of me displaying the exact issue at hand) - and in their defence I have still been able to get quite reasonable results even without perfect balance... (but not the results you would expect from a perfectly balanced one)
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with an inability to achieve perfect balance on a 3 axis gimbal.. At the moment I am experiencing this with the newly released Zhiyun Crane 3s. I am attempting to balance a variety of cameras on it from an A7R to an FX9 - The issue is coming with the inability to achieve perfect roll and tilt balance at the same time. For the roll axis to be perfect the tilt axis needs to be out by approx 2mm. (The camera needs to sit 2mm higher for perfect roll balance and 2mm lower for perfect tilt balance) - to clarify when referring to perfect balance the camera can be tilted to any angle and stay in this position, not roll back to its centre line) I have researched elsewhere and found a few threads of people with this issue and even some replies from offical DJI accounts saying that there is some instances where the gimbal can be built out of perfect square by a few micros which wont allow perfect balance. In the facebook group for the Crane 3s there is a lot of people reporting this issue also.. Does anyone have any experience with this? Did I just get unlucky with a bad gimbal or is there still an error on my behalf?
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