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  1. Like I said, I did try one - it came with an external SSD drive bought less than 2 weeks ago and works perfectly well for data transfer at high speeds. Not on the StreamCam, though...
  2. I somehow managed to get the last Streamcam Plus webcam anywhere (or so it would seem) but did not realize that the USB-C cable was not removable and did not come with an adapter. Does anybody know how to use this on a 2013 MacPro (trashcan) with an adapter? I tried one USB-C to USB-A adapter that came with a drive and it did not work plugged in directly nor through a powered USB 3 hub. Are there special adapters that will make this work? Since the webcams are sold out everywhere I'd love to keep this one and get it working. I sent a request to Logitech but no response yet. Thanks.
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