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  1. I could, but I purchased through AbelCine in NYC, so they wanted to check it first to see if they can do a simple repair. But because of the virus, their repair timeframes are a bit lengthened... just need to play the waiting game at this point, I think!
  2. Hi everyone! I am a New York City- and Shanghai-based freelance DOP. Excited to be here to chat gear, techniques and work! My reel and work is here, if anyone's interested. Stay safe and healthy. -Elliot
  3. This is a fantastic resource. Thank you for linking it!
  4. Yeah, I think it would require a hardware upgrade. In the Newsshooter review I believe it said that the full frame readout was requiring too much for DGO to handle, but I'm no tech so I only understand the basics of things like that. I guess we'll see. So disappointed to have my new C500m2 for 3 days, then needing to send it back for repair.
  5. @Nezih I was one of the people who bit the bullet and bought a C500m2. It came broken, so it's currently getting serviced, but after seeing the C300m3, I do wish they would've come out at the same time. I may not have purchased the C500m2 if I knew that the C300m3 was coming. That DGO performance is the part that makes me most bummed about getting the C500m2... I wonder if that could be a potential future upgrade for the C500m2?
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