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  1. Our Kickstarter campaign has launched! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/axiiio/axiiio-nano
  2. Hi fellow camera nerds, So, we’ve been working on a motion control system for filmmakers and photographers for just over six years now and we think it’s pretty cool. It’s a bit different to anything else you may have seen or used before because we’ve created it from the ground up as a set of three main components which when combined with standard rigging components, lets you build and automate many different types of shooting scenario. It consists of a receiver, motion pancake and motor. The motor’s form factor is the same as a standard focus motor you’d use with a traditional remote follow focus system but with the use of our slide lock technology on our motion pancake, you can transform that motor into linear motion or rotational motion for photographic and filmmaking tasks. You can control up to 4 motors with one receiver and it has many options for connecting things like focus thumbwheels and external joysticks to it. With the same components you can; Create a fully featured FIZ rig. Automate sliders for dolly shots. Create tilt, pan, and roll axes. Combine one or all of these different types of motion in programs. Create frame accurate motion for composite shots at different frame rates using the same program. This is just a small sample of the automation tasks that you can perform. We’ve used the system on many different types of visual effect shots both for ourselves and on set in professional working environments, so we have paid close attention to the rigors of set life both from a time-saving and durability perspective. The system is called axiiio Nano and were wondering what the filmmaking community thinks of this idea? Is this something you think you’d use? We would love to get your feedback.
  3. Hi everyone, I’m Adam from Australia, Founder of axiiio. I’ve been a fan of News Shooter for many years, and I’m super excited about being a part of forums here. A small team and I have been working over the last six years on an affordable system of components that enables filmmakers and photographers to build their own motion control rigs. We call this system axiiio nano, and if it is successful in the marketplace we hope it becomes part of a larger ecosystem of rigs and tools for cinematographers. I’ve been working for many years now in production environments as a screenwriter, DP, director and producer (sometimes all three), I have an understanding of the time pressures that we face when working on film and television sets. The team and I try to bring this experience to the design of motion control components for use on sets to reduce downtime as far as practicable so you can get the shot you’re looking for quickly. I’m really passionate about delivering useful and usable tools to people who want to create and look forward to interacting with everybody and anybody interested in motion control and robotics in filmmaking. Below is a short and sweet intro to what this is all about.
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