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  1. (bit of self-promotion here, feel free to remove or move to a different section) FilmConvert has released our final platform for support for our Nitrate update, for Final Cut Pro X. Nitrate is now available across the 3 major editors, Premiere Pro, Resolve and FCPX, and brings even more power and control to your film color grading. New features include: Cineon Log film emulations, advanced film grain controls, support for Metal GPU acceleration and more. See Newsshooter's write-up here: https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/05/21/filmconvert-nitrate-for-fcpx/
  2. Hi all, greetings from Wellington, New Zealand. I'm joining on behalf of FilmConvert, long-time fans and supporters of Newsshooter and thrilled to see a new forum for discussion and sharing knowledge with a bunch of like-minded folks. My own film background: started making short films in high school on a 3-chip miniDV camera; worked for regional television as a runner/PA/camera assistant, edited corporate documentaries and eventually assisted-edited the feature documentaries 'Heart of Steel' (Tribeca Film Festival selection 2006) and 'The Woman Who Wasn't There'.
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