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  1. I've been mostly happy with this thing so far. It's not going to replace a "real" camera, but I bought it for those "one man band" gigs that a whole cinema camera setup is overkill and for it's in camera live streaming capabilities (which are excellent, even on a mediocre wifi connection). I haven't used a camera like this since I worked in news. The simplicity is divine, plus the incredible battery life and serious fast-charging batteries. For example, to test I kept it on for about four hours with pre-rec on and it still hadn't hit 50% of the stock battery. The worst thing is the "by wire" lens setup, which I haven't yet gotten used to. All that said, not for everyone but great performance for the price.
  2. I tested it out today with a lazy color grade, and here's what I came up with.
  3. I know it's not a cinema camera, but for anyone else who uses the CX350, Panasonic released a new firmware late last week that added V-Log recording and more flavors of AVC-Intra/Ultra recording options, as well as other features and improvements. "1. P2HD AVC-Intra 200/100/50 format recording are supported. * When you use the AVC-Intra format, the interval recording and back-ground recording functions cannot be used 2.The V-log mode was added to the gamma settings." Link to download: https://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/soft/upgcx350_e.htm
  4. Right now, most of the clients I work with still only require HD delivery, so I have still been regularly using my Sony F3 and (believe it or not) my OG Varicam (tied to an Aja Mini). That said, all the streaming platform work I've done has required UHD. Who knows if cable networks will start requiring that anytime soon. There's one network I've shot for that still required D-Beta masters until very recently.
  5. Hello! I'm Jared, a camera op and DP that shoots mostly documentary and some narrative. I have an out of date reel here, for what it's worth! [/vi
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