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  1. Technically speaking, no Bayer pattern sensor cameras are actually 4:4:4 anyway... 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Do check requirements of any festivals you plan to submit to, as well as DCP specs. Many may be fine with whatever format, but some may be fussy. You may find capturing in 16:9 (but framing for 2.35:1) and then editing for 2.35:1 a safer option, so, if necessary, you can re-edit for 16:9 later down the line if required (may involve re-doing some “pan and scan”, but with the vertical alignment). Unless of course you’re shooting anamorphic, then you can’t do this and will need to crop your master heavily to create a 16:9 version. Also consider that, if theatrical release is intended, it’s unlikely to be 16:9, but rather DCI 4K or DCI 2K (1.89). So, if you can shoot in one of those formats instead of UHD/HD, then do! The few pixels of extra width will help you anyway if you’re going for a wider look, and will mean slightly less cropping of the height is needed (you’ll need to work out the correct crop to cut a 2.35:1 portion out of 4096x2160 or 2048x1080). Agree that creative intent is a part of choosing what to do here.
  3. Good luck with your new venture... and ask away away (in the appropriate sub-forum)!
  4. Err? You don’t refill it on the move. It’s filled once, in the factory, and that’s it. And why would you put rocks in it? They’re stuffed with lightweight polystyrene pellets.
  5. In lieu of IBC conferences, Sony have a huge programme of webinars coming up. Some interesting topics! https://eu.info.pro.sony/Rewrite-2020-webinars.html
  6. It’s remarkable common that people in our line of work are dyslexic.... sometimes seriously so. This came up the other day on a professional WhatsApp group I’m in and several members put their hands up saying “me too”. We may be technicians... but we’re often creative technicians - and perhaps oddities like dyslexia add something to that creativity? Certainly often does in other creative arts. On the flip side, traits like OCD, mild autistic type behaviour, etc can often add to the technical side! We’re imperfect humans! Which leads me to a summary of what you guys are babbling on about. There’s a lot of cross-purpose talk going on, it seems to me. Draw a line: technician at one end, creative artist at the other end. Take every type of filmmaking, and every type of camera work. They will all fall somewhere in that scale. But they’re all different. Comparing as you are, you may as well be comparing a Sports OB operator with an Art House filmmaker, or a News Camera Operator with a TV drama DoP! Ultimately pointless: they’re too different.
  7. Same here. I'd say the majority of my jobs I turn up having never met any of the other crew or production team before.
  8. Who said anything about shiny and new? It can be battered and worn and old, but still be of the best quality. If I tradesperson turned up with a £30 consumer Black and Decker drill I wouldn't dismiss them completely if their reputation was good... but I'd definitely be surprised and a bit skeptical. But if they turned up with an old Makita or Milwaukee drill with paint all over it, I'd get a sensation that they were a "tried and true" experience worker. Obviously the reputation still matters, but the little things in visual perception matter too.
  9. That thread on their FB group seems to have gone now... 🤔
  10. Apparently that’s not the case. There is an active thread about it. The only person (apparently) who has been banned is the author of this article, but the article itself has been shared there, and it’s still there.
  11. On the Z Cam Facebook group (the one where Z Can staff take part often) the word is that this article is based on unsubstantiated rumours and just spreading disinformation. We shall see...
  12. Nezih

    Spin Cam

    Haha, that first one is amazing!
  13. Nezih

    Spin Cam

    An old video, but a good watch. That's some seriously tough camera work!
  14. An important thing to consider when buying (cheap in particular) lights is: how well will the match with other lights? A lamp may have a high CRI score, but that on its own is meaningless if it's native output (for example at 5600K, of that's what it's designed for) is significantly different to another brand's 5600K. This is of course only really a concern when one is mixing and matching gear. The difference may also be more noticeable in-camera than to the eye. May well not be a deal-breaker, but something to look out for. For me, build quality, warranty, ergonomics (well thought out design), and brand support are important factors. If I can afford it, I'd rather buy from a brand who I feel are going to care about me as a customer. I'd also prefer not to (though it's not always possible) buy from the "lowest common denominator" - especially if it's a Chinese (for example) company who is copying others' designs and not doing any real R&D themselves (I'm not implying Sokani is one of these - I haven't researched enough). Also, accessories are big element. Take Aputure, for example, they have, in my opinion, done an excellent job of building a strong accessory eco-system for their flagship lights... and they're all excellent quality. They also have good relationships with other top accessory companies. That, for me, is another thing worth buying into. Of course there are other small (or maybe significant) things to consider such as: how well is the accessory mount machined (is it clunky to get accessories in and out)? How strong are the screw-locks on the yoke tilt? How loud is the fan, if it has one )one review of the Sokani I quickly found suggests it's not very good)? How reliable are the electronics? Is it weather sealed (some are, some aren't... might not be important)? How well made is the case... will the zips bust after a few uses (common with cheaper stuff, I find)? I remember a few years ago when I thought of Aputure as "that cheap company copying others"... but now it's clear others are copying them! But then, Godox, for example, have been around since the early 90s. They're always random other brands popping up whose products looks 85% identical to the larger brands. Quite weird. Wild west out there in China.
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