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  1. I know Sony and Sennheiser wire their lavs with 3.5mm jacks differently, but it really surprises me that two Sennheisers are different to one another!
  2. Hi Nuthan, Sorry for the very slow reply! I have no idea why they took out the roll adjustment. It's quite strange. I have actually flagged this with them before, but I didn't get a specific reply. The camera isn't resting directly on metal: there is a soft cushioned pad that helps!
  3. Blimey, that sounds bad! For ease of getting your money back, go via your dealer. But I’d definitely make the effort to raise the issue with the manufacturer, and persist in getting straight answers out of them.
  4. Of course smaller cameras are/can be more versatile... but that doesn’t inherently mean ENG cameras are not. Yes, they can be large and cumbersome. But the fact that they balance well and sit comfortably in the shoulder without an elbow pinch point is a big deal for news gathering and documentary work. Here’s an example of how they’re commonly used under slung. Ok, this is a studio camera, but essential the sabe form factor (although some of these are slightly smaller and lighter): A good example was quite hard to find a photo of! But it is a common technique.
  5. Whilst I agree with everything you say, this conversation began with ergonomics. Full size ENG/EFP camera ergonomics doesn’t inherently have to be linked to price.
  6. That’s not entirely true. Shooting from the hip is really popular with that style of camera - especially in live studio environments on entertainment/challenge/sports/music shows.
  7. This feels like a cleverly written branded post. Having said that, the products look good! There seems to be quite a few new products that n the audio wireless works now. It’d be interesting to see some real-world reviews by trusted sound technicians comparing these and some of the other new (predominately Chinese) offerings against equivalents from the established major brands. I also find myself curious what market share these get, and what the user base looks like. I can’t imagine seeing any of my peers/colleagues getting these... but it’s easy to forget that there are 100,000s of other “content creators” out there!
  8. Nezih

    Sony PMW-F3

    @Cottycam welcome!
  9. Yeah, I don't entirely disagree with you!!
  10. You might find this interesting @Australian Image (Ray): https://twitter.com/watchvideosoul/status/1316665084043812864 Specifically, read all the replies from Dan Chung. Annoyingly they're not threaded well and a bit scattered. I wish I could share it all, but the conversation continued by telephone for about 30 minutes!
  11. That seems pretty good. Let’s see how it goes. Hopefully it doesn’t put people off!
  12. That would definitely work, but it doesn’t appear to be an option with Invision, does it... @Scott Emerton?
  13. The trouble with manually approving every new registration is it's often impossible to tell just from a name/email if someone is genuine or not!
  14. Hasn’t it improved in the last few days?
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