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  1. Nezih

    Sony PMW-F3

    @Cottycam welcome!
  2. Yeah, I don't entirely disagree with you!!
  3. You might find this interesting @Australian Image (Ray): https://twitter.com/watchvideosoul/status/1316665084043812864 Specifically, read all the replies from Dan Chung. Annoyingly they're not threaded well and a bit scattered. I wish I could share it all, but the conversation continued by telephone for about 30 minutes!
  4. That seems pretty good. Let’s see how it goes. Hopefully it doesn’t put people off!
  5. That would definitely work, but it doesn’t appear to be an option with Invision, does it... @Scott Emerton?
  6. The trouble with manually approving every new registration is it's often impossible to tell just from a name/email if someone is genuine or not!
  7. Hasn’t it improved in the last few days?
  8. For a brand like Atomos to price a monitor up there with something like a Sony BVM (which are considered amongst the top few best monitors out there) is really brave. They must be super confident it's great! Admittedly it's kinda different - the NEON records too, and will have a nicer User interface... but ultimately it's the quality of the image that matters. I have always wondered why top-tier photographer/graphic design monitors (such by Eizo and NEC) are not generally as expensive as their video counterparts. SDI and monitoring tools (WFM, tally, peaking, zebras, etc) aside, as far as image is concerned, surely top-tier professionals working with colour grading etc demand similar levels of quality and precision calibration in both worlds? Maybe refresh rate and stability are big factors. And actually as Matthew says, output power. Having said that, NEC do have a 27" monitor that is $10,429... Also, I do recall about 10 years ago when I worked at a major post house, they did have Eizo monitors in all their Flame and Smoke suites. They also had 16:9 Sony BVM CRTs for the main preview, but the working monitors were all Eizo, IIRC. Oh, haha, and the Eizo CG3146 which is a 31" DCI 4K (17:9) HDR reference monitor is $30,000, but yeah - same ballpark as Sony's top BVM. Funny old world!
  9. I hadn’t actually seen that Feelworld one before. They’re visually similar, but I think that’s where the similarities end. I wonder if the lower resolution of this compared to your that Olympus one are actually ok, because of the way the magnification optics perform? It’s a budget option for sure... both in price and spec. But I’m curious to see quality reviews about how good the image actually is.
  10. @Australian Image (Ray) Looks like your wish has been answered! https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/11/10/portkeys-leye-4k-hdmi-evf/
  11. We’re working on it, but it’s proving difficult. Apologies!
  12. Definitely would be interesting to see if the internal grip on the pin loosens over time... and if so, can it be repaired. I can only assume Sachtler have thought of this, and tested as best possible! Bit of a shame if there isn't a way to tilt on the flat base.
  13. Is this two bots having a conversation with themselves?
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