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    I am Matt, I am the Editor of Newsshooter.com.
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    Hi all, Tim from the Bright Tangerine team here. We make filmmaking accessories that make life easier on set. Everything from matte boxes, camera cages, follow focus and other AKS. Looking forward to engaging with the community, and if you have any questions about our gear, feel free to reach out.
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    Hi, I'm Hook and I work with the camera team at Blackmagic Design.
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    Hey ya'll, Ian Cresswell here from Nashville, TN in the USA. My work is split pretty evenly into three categories. 1. I'm a freelance camera operator, typically with an FS7 for ENG/TV/Commercial projects. 2. I'm a Part 107 Drone Pilot, been flying about 7 years and have owned/flown everything from a version 1 DJI Phantom also the way up to a big 30+ pound heavy lifter flying my RED Helium 8k. Here's a look at some of my drone stuff: 3. I also work quite often as a 1st AC for a variety of projects. Setting up cameras (Alexa Mini's, Sony Venice, REDS, FS7s, etc etc) and pulling focus for everything from music videos, to feature films, to commercials, to web series, to tv shows, etc. I really enjoy each of these 3 disciplines and love that every day is a little different. I've always been a big fan of the professional content, news, and reviews, on NewsShooter.com, and I look forward to the discussions here. Cheers!
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    Hi all. I'm Adrian, a UK based self shooting Director, Documentary DOP and motion graphics dabbler.
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    Update for anyone who finds the same thing – by switching the fan to 'always on' it reduces the noise considerably. Might not be great if you're shooting in a soundproof vault but I think it's probably quiet enough to leave on during a regular talking head interview... Edit: and yes I do like talking to myself!
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    Hi all, greetings from Wellington, New Zealand. I'm joining on behalf of FilmConvert, long-time fans and supporters of Newsshooter and thrilled to see a new forum for discussion and sharing knowledge with a bunch of like-minded folks. My own film background: started making short films in high school on a 3-chip miniDV camera; worked for regional television as a runner/PA/camera assistant, edited corporate documentaries and eventually assisted-edited the feature documentaries 'Heart of Steel' (Tribeca Film Festival selection 2006) and 'The Woman Who Wasn't There'.
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    Hello all, I'm Lee. In house DP and Studio manager for Google Developer Studio in the EMEA region. I have an unhealthy addiction to buying anamorphic scopes and vintage glass. Thank you Newsshooter for being a source of AAA news and reviews for so many years. Looking forward to this community continuing the the high standards for info and opinions. One of my last adventure before the lockdown
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    Hi Everyone! I'm Erik Naso and it's great to have this forum!
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    Hi, I’m Scott, From Atlanta, GA. I have been part of the Newsshooter team for ten years as a cameraman, editor and logistics planner. It has been an honor working with this outstanding team of professionals, and most of all, bringing all of you superb show coverage. I look forward to contributing to the Newsshooter forums, and getting to know all of you!
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    Hi all, Jay here from NS. Looking forward to chatting with everyone.
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    While it's a serious matter, the similarities with all of these ads is quite funny.
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    Nope, with the F3 I just put in an order early in Japan. My F35 is also serial number 2. I won’t ever sell either of them. They will end up in the ACS clubhouse one day.
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    Hey everyone! I'm a filmmaker and freelance DOP based in the UK (in Birmingham) I run a small Video Production Agency where we create mainly branded content/commercial/corporate work: www.weareforward.uk as well as being a freelance DOP shooting mostly the same kind of stuff, as well as some feature doc and narrative work: www.tommartindop.com Super excited that you guys have put the effort in to launch this; if the standard of conversation here is as good as the articles we'll be onto a winner (especially as we've all got lots more time on our hands all of a sudden) Here's my latest short film to give you an idea of the sort of stuff I make. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!
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    Hi Martin - a mate of mine with both the C500 mkii and DP's confirms they fit just fine. Obviously S35 image circle means incompatibility at FF but cropped in all is well.
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    Hi, im Joe. Im an Auckland, New Zealand based DOP and long time Newsshooter reader. Ive been asked by Matt, Eric & the Newsshooter team to help Moderate this forum and am looking forward to some good conversations. Heres a slightly old Reel and I really should be updating right now 😅
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    Hey everybody, I'm Slavik from USA, super excited that this is happening! I really like forums a lot more than keeping up with comments below blog posts - gives me something to check everyday and initiate new conversations that aren't related to a news story. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!
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    https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/05/08/there-has-never-been-a-better-or-worse-time-to-buy-gear/ What are you thoughts?
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    Hey everyone! I'm Chris Francis, a director/dp in San Diego, CA. Excited to be a part of the new forums. I'm currently wrapping up a documentary about my wife and I's journey with Covid-19 (we both got the virus 7 weeks ago). Would love to have you check out the film --> https://MakingLemonade.film (warning: this film contains 0% politics, 0% conspiracies, & 100% optimism) If you have any questions about the film I'd be happy to answer them here in this thread I made in the Documentary section of these forums
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    Greetings all... I'm Kevin McRoberts, your basic pudgy bearded camera guy. I'm based just far enough outside of DC to stay sane, but still get regular DC work in the documentary, corporate, and commercial realms. My favorite pastries are eclairs and all other pastries. Due to frequently shooting training media in hospitals, surgical suites, and bio research laboratories up to the BSL4 level, I don't get what all the fuss is about (ask me for any video biosafety tips). I once temporarily repaired a CJ5 driveshaft with a long strip of waxed cardboard and a quarter. I do not suffer from Asperger's (I have it, but don't suffer). Skunks frighten me moreso than bears. My stint in small market local broadcast news lasted exactly 7 weeks (9/2010-10/2010). My wife is way too hot for me. The last three songs on my Pandora shuffle playlist were: Angel From Montgomery - John Prine; Knuckle Down - Man Man; The Road Goes On Forever - Robert Earl Keen. Matthew Allard is my all-time favorite light reviewer. My pop culture frame of reference ends abruptly around 1997. All of the sound guys I hire are named Matt (coincidental... I think). My Lowel kit still makes me happy. I am the spitting image of a middle-aged Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. I don't think a football is a very good Christmas present. Pleased to be sharing pixels and wisdom and occasional idiocy with you all
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    Improvising, overcoming, adapting. I shot my first wedding ever... incidentally also my first live stream shoot ever. Streaming church services. Trying to market my expertise in filming in medical and bio research scenarios (and thus biosafety knowledge and working safely with big name clientele). Marketing for more voiceover work. Pitching consultation services for setting up home studio spaces so your Zoom meeting peers don't have to look up your nose. Even simply being willing to work has gotten me work. Business is still limping, but failure is not an option.
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    Just posting a follow-up here for anyone that might land via a google search etc. that's struggling with text in Resolve. Turns out it was a coincidence that I'd upgraded to Catalina the same day as restoring this project from a collaborator, who had changed some project settings. The side effect of both being a near-identical text rasterizing issue was just bad timing. So it was the "Enable Video Field Processing" setting under "Timeline Format" in "Master Settings" that was the culprit. Disabling this setting has returned the text rendering to normal.
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    For those who own the Tilta Nucleus Nano follow focus, or have contemplated getting one, I've discovered an interesting thing about the unit that Tilta themselves seem unaware of. When I received my Nucleus Nano quite a while back now, I contacted Tilta and asked then if the unit could be powered via the USB port. They said no, as it was only for firmware updates. I found this a bit disappointing, given that I use it on a rig with a V-lock that powers everything else, so being able to power the Nucleus Nano and not worry about the battery would have be a great option. That said, I do have the Nucleus Nano connected to the V-lock from the 7.2V power outlet, as it automatically turns on the control unit as well as the motor when I turn on the V-lock and it has never seemed to have caused an issue (I've owned the Nucleus Nano for over a year). Anyway, not that long ago, when I turned off my V-lock, the Nucleus Nano controller turned off as well. I thought that was unusual, as previously I had to manually turn off the control wheel via the record button. So I removed the battery and discovered that it was flat. After recharging it, things were back to normal. This repeated itself again some time later and this time I didn't recharge the battery and left things as they were. Since that time, I've been using the Nucleus Nano as normal, with a flat battery, connected to the V-lock. It's been working perfectly for months now and so I have no intention of recharging the battery as this is much better from an operational point of view (unless I want to use the control wheel away from the rig). Will it cause issues down the line? I have no idea, but so far I've experienced no issues. Could I put a dummy battery inside the control wheel? Possibly and they are available. So I thought I'd let people know what I discovered, in case owners of the Nucleus Nano would like to have the control wheel powered from an external source rather than the battery.
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    Hello Everyone! First of all I would like to thank Newsshooter for creating this Forum. It’s nice to see a filmmakers platform that’s independent from social media giants like facebook. Let’s get to the subject of the thread: “Introduce yourself”. My name is Michiel and I’m an employee at the Vocas group of companies from the Netherlands. Most of you will probably know our Vocas Systems products as they have been reviewed and used many times by the Newsshooter team along the years. But something most of you probably don’t know is that we (Vocas Sales & Servcies) are the main Dutch reseller and service centre of brands like: ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic Design, Zeiss, Angenieux etc. I think there’s a lot of growth potential for the forum and would like to help wherever I can with answering questions and sharing knowledge. As we’ve got a complete showroom with a lot of camera’s, lenses and other filmmaking tools tag me wherever you can if you need me to test something for you or ask if we came across some technical problem in our service centre. If you would like to know more about the Vocas group of companies let me know, I would love to hear your questions. Stay healthy! Michiel from Vocas p.s. this video shows you our optical service department and a bit of our showroom
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    I posted the release on the homepage. Check out my interview with Ted Sim! I have the Aputure 300x now and will start testing for a full review. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/23/aputure-300x-goes-bi-color/
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    Hi all, I'm Elliot Smith – formerly of this parish! I'm a shooter/editor based in London, UK. Started out making multimedia at the Guardian when nobody watched it and now mainly work for a small agency here in the UK making short films for corporates, charities and NGOs.
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    Welcome to the forum Ian!
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    Hello everyone, I'm Nez. I'm a London based Lighting Cameraman / Camera Operator (and historically occasional director/editor), and am also currently one of the moderators on these forums. Looking forward to seeing how this grows and develops. Hoping it'll become a thriving community like some other existing forums (or even, better than them!), and follow the trend of the excellent quality of writing that can be found in Newsshooter articles! I'm also on Twitter, possibly more than is healthy, here: https://twitter.com/watchvideosoul
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    Hi, I'm Chris from Edmonton, Canada. I'm a former newspaper journalist that got into video when the whole "new media" thing was actually new. Big Newsshooter fan, and I hope to see this forum grow.
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    Hi all, I'm the TV news producer/camera op for Reuters based in Taipei. I've been following this site for a long time and got big chunks of my tech knowledge from here. Very happy there’s a forum now and look forward to chatting and reading everyone’s contributions. Very thankful for this site and maybe paths will cross in Asia once this pandemic is done. Cheers Fabian
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    Hey gang, I'm a shooter in the midst of deciding which direction to pursue and just discovered this site. After graduating from SAIT's RTBN program I started shooting and editing freelance for local media in 2014. I've been working full-time for four years mostly shooting local news and simple projects for Citytv. I recently decided to grab a communications degree this year, so I'm currently working part-time for CityNews in Calgary while in full-time university. Most of my shooting experience thus far is ENG, studio, and sports but I'm wanting to get into production work and would love to work on documentaries, perhaps even work abroad and in conflict zones. I'm unsure if the film industry is a worthy pursuit or freelance is the way to go. I'm pretty confident in my shooting, want to learn and improve a lot more, and don't really know what next steps to take. I am looking to possibly make the move from Calgary to Vancouver next fall as I believe there may be more opportunities out west? I'm pretty green and don't know much about career development at this point or really where to get started from here. All I know is that broadcast television in my market has nosedived since I started and I'm much more interested in scaling up my opportunities than staying in news. Looking for inspiration on this site! Nice meeting everyone. I would like to know if anyone has come from ENG news and developed a role in production or freelance work successfully. I am looking at my potential paths and would love some mentorship or advice. Glad this place exists and I really hope to get to know some cool people. Hit me up! Cheers, Stefan
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    Hi, this is Tom. I've been primarily working at NBC News for the last 25 years, mostly shooting Dateline. I'm also now a professor at Chapman Univ's Dodge Film School.
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    I had a total brain fog moment last night 🙈. I was shooting with the C500mkii, recording externally into an odyssey recorder. When I was done, disconnected all the cables and instead of pulling the SSD out, I causally removed the V-mount battery and proceeded to walk over to my computer with it and got very close to trying to insert it into the USB HDD dock. Guess I was in total autopilot mode 🤔
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    No sweat, that is a completely different kettle of fish. I haven't heard/read of any system that provides that sort of range, especially when it comes to monitoring what you intend to focus on, without major latency issues. I suspect that something that will do the trick is going to be very expensive.
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    I'm very intrigued to see what the sensor tech can do (currently the 16.3 beta crashes instantly on my machine if I go anywhere near the 12k sample clips). And I agree that the 12k is kinda irrelevant (given that you can record "native" 4k or 8k if you wish). To me, the issues that do matter are the continued use of CFAST cards (which requires splitting recording across multiple cards to access full frame rate options), and the alternative (the SSD recorder) having to be externally plugged into the camera's USB-C port (an incredibly dangerous prospect for recording - since the connector is so fragile). All the cameras make fine images these days - so it really is the functionality, ergonomics and feature-sets that set the good ones apart. And they've made a couple of really unfortunate choices on that front.
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    Hi everyone, I'm just an arts hobbyist who tried filmmaking last year by making a short about my depression. Feeling the itch of having another go after focusing on my music since the film. Here to learn more about the craft and equipment, won't probably write so much, mostly here to read and listen 🙂 Short here if anyone want's to see it:
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    Hello to all - I'm Erik, a Chicago-based DP, cam op, and former gaffer. I mostly do commercial work and narrative-style TV features for many major networks & streaming platforms. I'm usually on the road much more than my wife would prefer! I have gotten a lot of good ideas and gear recommendations from newsshooter over the years and am looking forward to interacting and learning more from like-minded pros!
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    You've got a few more options of in-between frame rates but unfortunately you cant dial in whatever you want. Here's a screen shot showing you what the options are:
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    I have been custom building several Windows 10 PC's in the last 4 weeks, to be used as Wirecast production stations. These will be used to broadcast a multi-camera, multiple PC screens, as well as live downlinks from our fleet of drones. This includes SDI, HDMI and USB cameras, as well as iOS WiFi feeds, RTMP inbound streams and NDI sources. We will be broadcasting weekly from several offices to our clients and use them for internal training. These broadcasts will go out on either a Microsoft Teams Live Event, or a traditional Microsoft Teams webcast. One of my requirements in building these PC's was to be able to output to either a virtual camera or stream to an RTMP server, and simultainiously, save the main broadcast AND every source (as many as 10) as ISO recordings to local storage. I will be sharing my setup in a future story here in this forum soon. In the meantime, If anyone needs any assistance with Wirecast, or building a PC to stream and save without dropping frames, feel free to reach out and ask questions. I have been configuring, providing training and using Wirecast for a number of years now, and would be happy to help out!
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    I didn’t add sharpening to any shots! I didn’t have time to do a proper grade. I literally just wacked the saturation up and added a bit of contrast in FCP X.
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    Hello everybody, I'm based in Vancouver, BC and I have over 38 years in TV news. I am now Director of my own Agency. If you have any questions and think I can help, give me a shout. Keep those cameras safely rolling and everyone keep healthy during this rather unusual and turbulent time. - Murman
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    My one is both standalone and a VST / Audio Component.
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    Well I think after 20 years as assistant bottle washer .. Ive paid my dues .. mind you pay is the same ..
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    Hobbyist here with a fs700/shogun system. The 10bit 4k "raw" (baked in gain and wb 😞 ) i get impresses at parties and I get a kick out of the 2k slomo. I've never understood wanting new gear-- even my sdi cables are secondhand. My client is myself so no delivery issues... tho he keeps telling me to hurry up with the edits...
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    ...then there is an absolutely enormous wealth of stuff archived here. Some might be dates, but some fascinating articles and insights nonetheless! https://issuu.com/sonyprofessional https://issuu.com/varicam https://issuu.com/icgmagazine https://issuu.com/mewshop
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    HI, Name is Russell Johnston and I am a DP / Creative Director out of San Diego, CA. I own a small production company called Reef Creative. We work in the action sports industry with a lot of racing but our passion is wildlife and underwater cinematography. Excited to see how this forum goes, thanks to News Shooter for making a new spot on one of my favorite websites. You can see my Motorsports reel at here:
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    Hi, this is Chris, British DP located in Berlin and normally shooting documentaries worldwide (hope that starts up again soon but not very optimistic at the moment) . Favourite shooting style - hand-held with my Amira, but also enjoy putting my Phantom 4 in the air and experimenting with 360° cameras. Hope this will be a great platform for interaction with other cinematographers and filmmakers. And who knows, maybe there are enough Amira owners and/or operators out there to warrant our own section one day!
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