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    No sweat, that is a completely different kettle of fish. I haven't heard/read of any system that provides that sort of range, especially when it comes to monitoring what you intend to focus on, without major latency issues. I suspect that something that will do the trick is going to be very expensive.
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    Hi, this is Tom. I've been primarily working at NBC News for the last 25 years, mostly shooting Dateline. I'm also now a professor at Chapman Univ's Dodge Film School.
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    Looks good Steve! I still have my F3 that I bought back in 2011. It was a very underrated camera and it is now a bargain if you don’t require 4K.
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    I can understand where he's coming from, but I still disagree with the comment that they are expensive because they are made in small numbers. Yes, in some circumstances this is a valid argument, such as when say some specific lens is made in small quantities and require special manufacturing/materials etc. But in the Panasonic example, and in mine, these are items that are made by the millions every day. Panasonic probably puts these in numerous other electronic products that they make, converting mains to DC power, only changing the DC cable end. How about Blackmagic? They supplied a mains power converter with the BMPCC4K and they are a but pimple on the butt of the Panasonic giant by comparison. My Atomos Shinobi came similarly supplied . And this thing by Arri. Now if these clamps were hand carved from blocks of alloy by Arri elves somewhere in Europe, I could imagine that there would be a price premium. But what engineer/marketing/supply team would consider making such a thing in-house, when there are significant cost savings to be had by simply engaging a Chinese manufacturer that can make these in the thousands for next to nothing, in next to no time? Look at this clamp that I bought from Amazon to hold a V-lock battery on my light stand. This cost AU$46 and is much more complex and materials intensive than the Arri clamp, and you might wonder how many of these are actually sold: Basically it's price gouging at its best by Arri (and the others) because of they can. The only thing special about the Arri clamp is the name and number painted on the clamp. It's not even laser engraved, the least you could expect for the price. People really need to jack up and let the likes of Arri know that they aren't going to pay this sort of money for what is a $5 item to make.
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    OK so here's the current setup, which we can tweak as needed (too much spam, or too hard for people to join/interact): When registering, user has to answer a camera-specific question Google Captcha Email verification User must have posted three times and be more than three days old before they are allowed to embed links, images, attachments or create threads. I just tested and although I can "spam" replies straight away, I can't add links or anything so it's less of an annoyance and hopefully a deterrent.
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    Just an FYI I've requested a change to the forums so new members can't create threads or embed links for a few days. Unfortunately it needs file-system level modifications so I need to go via our developers, but hopefully by end of week things calm down a bit.
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    @Australian Image (Ray) Looks like your wish has been answered! https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/11/10/portkeys-leye-4k-hdmi-evf/
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    Just exploring whether there's a product out there to remote control the zoom ring of a lens attached to a low end cine camera (the new BGH1, in this case)? There's solutions to zoom control in the handycam range via lanc jacks (XF405, etc), and obviously PTZ cameras and studio B4 setups. Just curious if there's anything that runs control through ethernet or a locally attached machine? For background I'm trying to solve complete AV control of a video studio from a remote location some distance away on the same network. Not thrilled with the PTZ options and budget doesn't likely extend to B4 solutions so I'm trying to work out if it can be done with a cine camera or whether I need to compromise down to a XF405 or similar. The third option is giving the room occupant wireless zoom control that I direct remotely. I assume I can do this with a Nucleus Nano plugged into a 14V AC to USB outlet. Cheers
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    I'm right here in the heart of Tokyo. Nice to be here!
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    I'm still waiting for the A7sIII to be announced, really like the XLR-module for the A7-line and the auto-focus of the newer cameras. If it ever comes and is half as good as people want it to be I bet it will be a great camera for most people wanting a small mirrorless. I like the BMPC4K and 6K, but the lack of audio control and quality makes it unusable to me for a doc type camera. Great for cinematic stuff where you don't need audio, and the image quality probably is better and the capabilities are awesome, but that doesn't help if you miss a crucial soundbyte when you're following a subject or similar.
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    I much agree here, IBIS doesn't always work like its supposed to, or works but with visual compromises. I'd rather rely on IS lenses and even then, would mostly have non-IS lenses for most work. My personal choice at the budget you're likely talking about is the GH5S... low light is good enough and in this case the m43 mount will be an advantage as your lenses and other accessories will be smaller and cheaper. It also has the XLR module and audio is very important for solo shooters. I personally am on the Z-Cam E2 series of cameras, but have many similarities to the BMPCC mentioned, however, probably breaks the bank.
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    For dedicated video work (if you genuinely don't need the camera to double as a stills camera, and can survive without autofocus), I'd have to agree with Ray's suggestion of the Blackmagic Pockets (4k and 6k). We were using them on a doco series I'd just started shooting before COVID shut us down, and ergonomically/operationally, they're SO much easier to use than the mirrorless hybrids. You've got false colour for exposure metering at the press of a button. Proper video codecs. Proper variable frame rates. Full-sized HDMI port (they should have gone with SDI, but that's an argument I'll seemingly never win) which is at the very least a BIG improvement over the micro/mini HDMI madness of the Nikon and the Fuji. The sensors make nice pictures with a wide dynamic range. With the Pocket 4k you can add a Speedbooster for better low-light and greater lens options, and with the Pocket 6k you can get a kit to adapt to PL-mount if you need. You still need to rig them up like the hybrid cameras, but the overall workflow is nicer, and most importantly - there's less to worry about (which is almost the biggest thing when you're flying solo, and have to handle more by yourself).
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    https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/05/08/there-has-never-been-a-better-or-worse-time-to-buy-gear/ What are you thoughts?
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    I was reading the comments in your article and was surprised at some of the thoughts. I have what might be considered non-professional stills camera gear that I used professionally, which are now 16 years old and some younger, that are still working fine if I choose to use them. Modern gear doesn't mean that it's going to suddenly fall apart in two or so years time. It may be superseded by more capable gear, but that applies to any industry.
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    <AA Voice> Hello, my name's Matt and I have the gear sickness. It's been two weeks since I last purchased a piece of gear (a couple of SmallRig parts if you must know). Seriously though, great article. I'm always conflicted on when and what to buy since I'm extremely fortunate not to have to rely on my freelance film work to put food on the table. What has been helpful for me is to resolve to not buy things until I have X amount in the bank or until such-and-such a date. Obviously if something is needed for a project that wouldn't make sense to rent, then that purchase takes precedence.
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    Buying gear is definitely addictive .. the big items to even that anticipation of the fedex delivery for a small widget .. especially after a few drinks at home, on the B&H site when its only about 2 clicks yo buy something .. its got to be done .. just smaller items when you don't have a lot of cash hanging around .. the famous George Best quote comes to mind " I spent millions on cars ,girls and drink, but I wasted all the rest "
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