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    Hi guys, I'm Lou in NYC and South FL... fit 50s, NYU grad, been everywhere, done some but not all of it, agnostic about the tech and platforms, have to been good in sticky situations, and may be able to help in these boots on the ground. Aim high! Peace.
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    This seems to be a popular option in the BMC Forum: https://www.shoot35.com/CINEfocus-Pro-Follow-Focus-p/cinefocus-pro-followfocus.htm I have no personal experience with it though, so you'll have to judge for yourself or maybe dig deeper on extensive reviews. 😉
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    Oh one other thing. When not logged in the system seems to offer to allow me to post first and register later when relying to threads with only needing to complete a recaptcha. Perhaps this could be disabled.
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    Thanks, I wasn't actually asking to be treated specially. I was suggesting that at least one of the emails you get on signup should mention that due to spammers the ability of new members to post topics will be restricted. You don't actually need to say what the restrictions so the mechanical turk on the end of the spamming can game them just that they exist.
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