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    1) MYT Works Large 4’ slider. Self-contained, smooth, large payload capacity, well built, easy(ish) to travel(4’ and below fit in gun cases). 2) Multi-cam interviews, occasionally b-roll, but small gimbals have been replacing sliders for the same style of b-roll over the last few years for speed(no set-up). Videographer, while a technically correct word, is a bad word and no one likes to be referred to as one*. It’s connotation and association is largely with low-end and wedding shooters from the 80’s/90’s era. I’m not a DP, but do not call me a videographer. Call me a shooter, photographer, cameraman, photog, cam-op, camera monkey, asshole, ‘hey you’, or pretty much anything else, except videographer. Or late for dinner. *Kind of like ‘police’ and ‘cop’. In some circles, cop is considered a derogatory term for police or police officer.
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