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    • Hello everyone. I'm a video editor & cameraman living in Tokyo. I've been in Japan for over 25 years. Most of my work is corporate video.
    • Did you ever figure this out? Ive been having the exact same problem for two days. Can't figure it out. Please help!!
    • I think it was addressed in that Ray said ENG cameras were very restrictive, in that you could only use them on your shoulder and so could only ever shoot "one perspective"  .. which was a little strange having never used these cameras himself .. a few of us gave a very detailed explanation as to  why this was totally a "wrong" statement..  you didn't read that ..?  I also added that small cameras are not always convenient/easy to use, based solely on their small size and weight , as you have to hold them out in front of you for eye level shots, which kills your back , or shoot everything low, up peoples noses with sky as the background which invariably happens (as noted in another post ,all the fx6 promo videos ) ,and so the small size / weight ,thats sounds good is actually harder to work with than a larger camera  .. for gimbal , car mount etc ,you can use larger cameras you just need larger equipment .. if you need to use one handed / small gimbals ,tight areas ,you use another camera .. its always been thus .. all this has been said no ?.. but regardless Ray says he's not convinced and no one has "proved" him wrong ,a slightly combative and odd stance for someone purporting to be on the forum to learn..  I fear not being right is a concept Ray its not ready to entertain in any situation  Thinking that one camera can be used for everything ,is just going to give you a camera thats a compromise in every situation ..    
    • I own two c300 mk1 cameras. Indeed the mk3 has a terribly loud fan. Even when set to always on and "low" mode. It moves alot of air. Maybe need to return the camera due to this since it can be heard so clearly across a room.
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