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    • Thank you for your experience. I will tell you mine with the XEEN. I dropped my Xeen 50mm t1.5 after 2 years of using it. I was thinking about buying a new one or getting them repaired. I called the German distributor of the Xeen lenses. I told him that I dropped the lens. EF mount is broken and one element inside the lens is loose and if he thinks that it makes sense to send it in for repair. He replied that this is no problem as I am still under warranty!!!!!! They provide 5 years warranty. I just had to send the lens in and after 3 days I got a brand-new lens with a new mount. As you can imagine I was pretty surprised!!  
    • Oh yeah, I get that.  But at least they are consulting with you and giving you a choice and not just forcing something on you. If only I had taken the money I spent on my first camera package and put it all in Apple stock then instead...  But it's probably all for the best.  If I'm a lazy AH, now, I can only imagine how bad I would be.  Lol.
    • @Run&Gun I hear you on the viewfinder, I do really want the 30 for that flip-out screen... unfortunately, I work for a giant organization so it’s more of a “this is what we’re ordering, like it or get out” situation... Yeah, and it would be nice to Have the 120 FPS that the 750 has as well. ah well, maybe one day I’ll strike it rich and just buy all my own equipment...
    • Most Sony and Panasonic broadcast cameras have had built-in CAC type correction for at least the last decade and they usually automatically recognize lenses.  At worst, you'd probably have to load a lens file in(usually provided by Sony or Panasonic), but then the cam should recognize the lens when it's connected. Regarding the flip out, that's why I suggested the EL30 VF.  It has a flip-out LCD panel on top of the main OLED body, so you can use it for the quick low walking hero shot or holding the cam over your head, etc.  The images on the OLED VF's on my F55 and C300(Graticle) kill the image of my Panasonic color LCD, BUT the Panasonic is a 3.5" panel with a double action flip away Diopter for when you need to see the image and can't be in the VF. Modern s35 cameras are insane in low-light, because you can crank the ISO fairly high with little noise introduced, but they are not built to do true ENG under the demanding, unforgiving conditions that we are subjected to, so often when doing it. And the 750 looks sick...  And about right back up there with what ENG cams used to cost us.  I can't find a US list price, but a direct translation from an Australian list price that I did find puts it around $40K US, which lines up with a review I read that said they were upwards of $80K for one with a lens and some basic support.  I think my first VariCam was sitting at at least $75K in a ready store shoot state.
    • Despite the 18-110 being quite irritating to work with, the image quality is good. It's bigger brother is supposed to be excellent on the FX9 with the new auto-focus.
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