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    • Hi Nezih its a nice review of Ergorig as Run& Gun has mention that the current version of Ergorig is not having  the roll adjustment for the top plate, is very sad. as this option of roll adjustment will definitely helps the operator to balance the camera accordingly. why at the first place they took out this roll adjustment? now if anyone wants the old model of ERGORIG with roll adjustment how to get it. one more thing when the camera is resting on your shoulder what ever vibration due to operations( like running on a rough patch) are taken care by the shoulder, i mean shoulder acts as cushioning and counters the vibration to some extent. but here the camera is resting on a metal part where the body vibrations are directly transferred to camera . what's your say on this? thank you
    • Hannes Farima, I use My F3 with an Atomos Samurai, via SDI, and it works very well. Which recorder did you use? /Nicklas
    • Yeah its an interview / general lighting style I like and learnt ,as an assistant , from a guy who has now been Oscar nominated .. Barry Ackroyd BSC..  less is more as he says .. Europe has embraced this more natural style alot earlier than the US.. I would often get some push back from US directors who wanted back lights, fill lights,  hair lights , eye lights and lights under the chin..  !!  everywhere .. and it seems when I look at the forums on line ,the US still is generally using so many lights for a simple HS shot .. but the more "natural" look has at last taken off as it seems every Netflix doc is now done like this ..  with the larger sensor ,I have fx9 and shoot FF , interviews F1.8 or 2.8 ish .. there is often no longer any need to light up the BG much either ..
    • Gotcha.  Yeah, the V1 PSU/Ballast set-up is super janky. You sound like a man after my own heart.  I've always been a "no-fill" guy.  I like shadows in the right places.  One of the long running, very popular doc series I used to shoot for was a single light on the subject.  No hair or edge and no fill.  Just the key.  But we lit the HELL out of the background.  I can just imagine if we were shooting that same series today, instead of ~20+ years ago.
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