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    • Hello, I'm currently working on a project and I use a lot of denoiser. But it's so slow it's hurt. I know this plugin use a lot of CPU/GPU but i'm wondering if something is wrong with my set up / update. > iMac 2017  i7 4,2 ghz, Radeon 580 8 go, 32 go ram, Catalina, FCPX 10.5.1 and Reduce Noise V5 I have 1,2 fps, optimized settings, on 6K Red files from a DMSC2 Dragon-X. But maybe it's normal and I need to change my mac. BTW anybody know if Neat Denoise is ready for the new Apple M1 ?  
    • Product photography is a profitable, fun, and in-demand photography niche. Lighting has the potential to make or break your product photos. There are three main types of studio lights: Fluorescent, LED, and Tungsten. Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient but have a low output of light. LED lights are very energy-efficient and produce very little heat. Tungsten lights offer the highest output levels but also generate a lot of heat. In my opinion, you can go with the LED lights.
    • Hi all, I'm the TV news producer/camera op for Reuters based in Taipei.  I've been following this site for a long time and got big chunks of my tech knowledge from here. Very happy there’s a forum now and look forward to chatting and reading everyone’s contributions.  Very thankful for this site and maybe paths will cross in Asia once this pandemic is done.  Cheers Fabian
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