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  3. I know Sony and Sennheiser wire their lavs with 3.5mm jacks differently, but it really surprises me that two Sennheisers are different to one another!
  4. Share your 30-sec Motion Array ad on Instagram by June 16and win an iPad Pro bundle + free subscriptions to Motion Array, Artlist and Artgrid! We are very excited to announce the new ad challenge that you can participate in even if you are stuck at home with just your computer. There is no catch! Use your personal footage and logos for a made-up brand and add in effects with Motion Array templates! You can also use Artlist and Artgrid resources.You have up to 30 seconds to share your creative short ad. You can only submit 1 post! For the submission to be accepted, your ad needs to designed as a split-screen showcasing your original footage in one section and the final edited Motion Array version in the other section. To complete your participation, upload your video to Instagram with the hashtag #MAadchallenge in the post caption or comments. Don’t forget to tag the Motion Array Instagram account as well!Sign up or log into your Motion Array account and access all the templates!For more details, check out: https://motionarray.com/learn/motion-array/motion-array-ad-challenge/
  5. Thanks R&G. It just surprised me that Sennheiser seem to have a pretty fundamentally different way of building the MKE1 and ME2, despite the obvious difference in quality of capsule, cable, etc. Both of these mics are designed for the same transmitters. Just for anyone searching in the future, I got a Rode VXLR Pro and this works with all three mics. It's also about five times heavier than the Deity D-XLR, which now seems more like a passive adaptor to me. I suspect the Deity is a very different design and isn't supplying power in the same way - maybe it's doing something clever with specific Deity mics.
  6. Yes sir. Different transmitters can require different lavs to be wired different (specific) ways. So if a specific lav is wired to work with specific transmitter, it may not work with a different transmitter(and by extension, an adapter designed for a lav with a specific wiring pattern).
  7. Hi all. I've seen a number of reviews for the various 3.5mm > XLR adaptors that convert phantom power to low voltage power for lav mics which all suggest things are straightforward, even when mixing manufacturers. I'm getting very variable results. I got the Deity D-XLR to experiment with. It doesn't work with a RodeLink Lav nor with a Sennheiser ME2, but it DOES work with a Sennheiser MKE1. Could this be a difference in how they're wired, or in the power they require? I understand the D-XLR isn't designed for anything but a few Deity mics, but if it powers and works with MKE1, I'm scratching my head. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate it. I'm happy to buy a Rode VXLR and keep experimenting, but I'd like to understand more and it's hard to find details of how these things are wired. I'm aware Sennhesier have their own £170+ adaptor. Ultimately, I'm trying to build a kit of affordable wired lav mics, adapted from 3.5mm, ideally buying used.
  8. Hi dear I'd like to share SEEDER robotic jib. The robotic crane system consists of one U type robotic pan tilt head, one adjustable jib, one smart support base, one control unit or control software that have been developed for daily use in different type of broadcast studios, remote photography and so on. The robotic crane system can be remotely controlled by one person. It provides ultra-smooth and continual motion through integrating AI technology in it. It allows an operator to easily create dynamic moves such as W or S without losing camera orientation. Movements that have been saved can be triggered with just one click or even automatically. New movements are created within minutes and existing ones can be modified easily. Optical and dynamic collision avoidance technogy makes the equipment run safety and stably. About its curvilinear motions, it is continuous curvilinear motions. It refers to the continuous point movement from point A to B to C to D to.., rather than stopping at each point and then continuing to shoot. Otherwise, it is linear motion. That's the point! Another point is anti-shake technology. In the case of FAST start/stop instead of SLOW start/stop, there should be no shaking picture during shooting, especially the long focus end motion anti shake. These features make the shooting in studios more stable and easy to use. It saves manpower and improves efficiency. Thank you!
  9. I am looking for a freelance filmmaker in Dallas for ongoing corporate gigs. I came to this forum to look for a place to post but there isn't any section for this.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm Steve, the owner of Rutherford Media in North Carolina. We primarily produce projects for universities and corporations. We have a used a myriad of cameras/lens over our 18 years in business but FINALLY starting to elevate to Angenieux glass. I look forward to talking with many of you. All the Best
  11. Hi all! I've been a long-time user of the forums (reading only) and have signed up for the first time. I'm a commercial film director based in London, now moving onto narrative film. I shot my first short during the first lockdown here in the UK (back in March 2020) under some extreme limitations - no crew, no actors, only my house as a location. Possibly the worst way to shoot a project..! Looking forward to contributing to the community! Sandeep https://sandeepgill.co/
  12. Seems the Godox SL100Bi will also be a great option, and a little bit cheaper...
  13. the results are insane. look at this and all his other videos. shot on the bmp4k with sigma 18-35 lens: unbelievable. I need to retire
  14. well I just bought it because of you. I did a side-by-side with the tvlogic 5.4'' oled and the image quality is more saturated and looks damn fine to me in terms of contast. the build is great - lemo connector. just feels solid and like they have come a good long way. thank you as always - you are so useful to the filmmaker community.
  15. that looks super solid and useful for travel work when you need a big soft key
  16. I just bought this one - the new updated version - the orion 300 FS - and what a beautiful light. Fan noise issue has been solved. Works great with their iphone app. Great build quality. I am loving this.
  17. Hi guys. Seeing if anyone has experience with the smallhd cine 7 or the tvlogic f-h2 mark ii and their color accuracy and reliability. I love the smallhd style - but I've always thought their monitors are very inconsistent in accuracy. but alas the tvlogic is out of stock right now at B&H. let me know your opinions. Thanks!
  18. Here's an example and there are others where the concept of RGBW is being used in video production lighting. https://cinelight.com/led-tube-kits/kit-4-x-cinetube-hue-120-led-tube
  19. Companies that design products from the bottom up are the future in the cinema world. BRAW is an excellent editing and color management process. The RGBW sensor concept on the 12K is already being adapted in lighting equipment. We'll see more of this across the board. Blackmagic is proving itself to be ahead of the game at this point.
  20. Maybe your button isn't working or is damaged. I have never heard of that issue before.
  21. Shane

    Sony PMW-F3

    Thank you for your kind response, Matthew. To be more specific: the picture profile button does not seem to activate the menu when pressed. Have you ever heard of this issue? As it seems rather uncommon for the F3. Is it possible another preset is overriding the function?
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