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  2. Hello everyone. I'm a video editor & cameraman living in Tokyo. I've been in Japan for over 25 years. Most of my work is corporate video.
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  4. Did you ever figure this out? Ive been having the exact same problem for two days. Can't figure it out. Please help!!
  5. I think it was addressed in that Ray said ENG cameras were very restrictive, in that you could only use them on your shoulder and so could only ever shoot "one perspective" .. which was a little strange having never used these cameras himself .. a few of us gave a very detailed explanation as to why this was totally a "wrong" statement.. you didn't read that ..? I also added that small cameras are not always convenient/easy to use, based solely on their small size and weight , as you have to hold them out in front of you for eye level shots, which kills your back , or shoot everything low, up peoples noses with sky as the background which invariably happens (as noted in another post ,all the fx6 promo videos ) ,and so the small size / weight ,thats sounds good is actually harder to work with than a larger camera .. for gimbal , car mount etc ,you can use larger cameras you just need larger equipment .. if you need to use one handed / small gimbals ,tight areas ,you use another camera .. its always been thus .. all this has been said no ?.. but regardless Ray says he's not convinced and no one has "proved" him wrong ,a slightly combative and odd stance for someone purporting to be on the forum to learn.. I fear not being right is a concept Ray its not ready to entertain in any situation Thinking that one camera can be used for everything ,is just going to give you a camera thats a compromise in every situation ..
  6. I own two c300 mk1 cameras. Indeed the mk3 has a terribly loud fan. Even when set to always on and "low" mode. It moves alot of air. Maybe need to return the camera due to this since it can be heard so clearly across a room.
  7. I guess I don't actually class a camera like the fx9 as a small camera .. its bigger than the f5/55 and very easily made into an "ENG" style camera .. its even has manual control of all 4 audio channels on the camera body !!.. and can also be made ":smaller " its the sort of Goldilocks size really .. my point about the small box cameras and the fx6.. sure its all light weight and small , but for doc work you really need to be able to handhold on your shoulder ,there is just no two ways about .. holding those small cameras out in front of you at eye height is really going to kill you back (and career) very fast ,seems great for the first 5 minutes but then its not !.. which is why we have all those up the nose shots as its the only way to hold the damn thing for any length of time.. (every single fx6 promo video) ..so actually they are much harder to work with than a larger camera ,on anything but a tripod ,also they are much more unsteady handheld prone to jitters because you don't have the inertia off something heavier .. there is a point of diminishing returns .. its like.. oh look at this great really small light weight parachute , we don't have to carry that big back pack around .. till you jump out of the plane and find its useless 🙂 ..
  8. I can only speak for the market that I work in which is primarily Los Angeles but do shoot docs around the world. Apart from the cost reasons that I explained earlier, I truly believe the main reason we don’t see more cameras in this form factor is physical size. There is a whole generation of documentary operators that have never used a camera in that style.....many don’t use viewfinders....just onboard monitors...everyone wants small so the camera is more versatile. A camera like an FX9 can be made to be quite small for a gimbal and not much larger for a shoulder handheld configuration. That’s what the majority want. If there was a demand for larger form cameras there are plenty of manufacturers to make one. Sony make a very high quality 4k camera albeit a 2/3” sensor but it only really gets work on reality shows and news gathering. Personally I want a smaller camera setup to get it into tighter spaces and also so I don’t get as fatigued. I spent thirty years with EFP form factor cameras...I welcome the smaller rigs!
  9. I do see a distinct lack of responses to Ray which are other than "you're wrong". Think we'd both like to see better explanations as to "why" he is wrong, so we can learn from that reasoning. Ray gave his side of the argument, explaining why he thinks ENG style cameras are not so popular now, where are the rebuttals? (other than highlighting that yes, ENG cameras can be used elsewhere, however Ray isn't wrong that the likes of say a Komodo could be more easily used for a greater diverse range of shooting styles than an ENG camera could be. Which would you rather put on a gimbal, or a car rig, or a drone, or squeeze into a tight shot for a PoV looking out of a fridge, etc?)
  10. Thanks for sharing this informative video. Keep it up!
  11. Hi, It’s an honor to join this community. I am a soon to be retired neuroradiologist. I have had a life long love of cinematography, am a serious amateur photographer, and have done my best to try to keep up with the advances in the technology. I found this site through a post on the Magellan 65mm film camera. While I have been increasingly impressed with the capabilities of digital cinema, I still fondly remember the days of seeing the epic films like Lawrence of Arabia properly projected by Norelco DP70’s onto a huge screen. I also operated such machines as a younger man. While I have attended “revival” presentations using 65mm film, It strikes me that the present xenon illumination doesn’t quite give the image luster that can achieved with optimum operation of a carbon arc source. The problem seems more prevalent with digital projectors. I’d appreciate the thoughts of you professionals, who have dedicated their lives to producing the finest imagery.
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  13. what !! you are now contradicting yourself .. my first post was not rude at all .. !! or any of them .. go back and look at it .. you have just taken criticism very personally .. you made a bold claim that was totally wrong .. you didn't couch it in terms of your opinion but as fact , based on ..drum roll.. crews you has seen in the street and on TV ... your is the attitude thats odd.. you just cant accept you were wrong and insist on fighting this losing battle .. why are you on the forum if you cant take anything other than what you say .. all your posts are like this .. ":The comments that I made at the beginning still stand and no one has yet provided any evidence to refute them." this pretty much sums you up .. your comment was not correct , alot of actual professionals told you ,and even provided photographic evidence .. need to look hard in the mirror mate ..
  14. I came here to gather knowledge. Asking questions, positing ideas, challenging views is how one gains knowledge. Simply accepting what doesn't sound right is not gaining knowledge, it's just succumbing to group think. I'm not trying to insult you, but neither are you trying to see my point of view. I have differing views and differing perspectives, but clearly that's not acceptable, so I bid you all adieu. 'So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish'
  15. No offense but you are sounding like one of those people who just likes to endlessly complain about everything on forums. If you really think this is some sort of old boys club then why are you here? Feel free to continue to insult me and this site. I have better things to do with my time than go back and forward with you. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep this site running in my spare time. I have no time for people who just want to endlessly complain about things.
  16. You asked: 'Why don’t we see more ENG/EFP form factor digital cinema cameras?' Yet you're not prepared to discuss potential reasons put forward by readers. Maybe those reasons put forward are why you don't see digital cameras in such form-factors. But if you already know the answer to your question, why ask it? This has been like putting forward ideas at an Old Boy's Club, with the typical close-minded views that are all too common in Old Boy's Clubs. Is this forum an Old Boy's Club, where certain people just have to shut up and listen to their so-called elders? Then better to just let the Old Boys get old and retire while they reminisce about the good old days and their 'real' cameras and now broken bodies.
  17. You can't comment on something you have never used and had zero experience with. The End.
  18. Don't give up, just debate what I said in my first post. Don't get wrapped around the axles over my second post (even though it's mostly true in practical terms). Why don’t we see more ENG/EFP form factor digital cinema cameras? Because the market doesn't want them. Pick your reasons why the market doesn't want them, but if they were likely to be popular, they would be available. Even in this thread people ostensibly agree with what I have said, yet I seem to be the target of ongoing vitriol.
  19. I never said I'd used ENG cameras, my reference to stills cameras was in response to your assumption that I know nothing about how camera weight assists in stability. The physics apply in stills photography as they do in video. I'm not digging a hole, you are lobbing grenades, being obnoxious and making personal attacks. Had you responded in a more affable manner, debating my points, rather than calling me ignorant, I would have done so in return. But since you decided to go on the attack, I returned fire. You can continue the attacks and I will continue to return fire, make no mistake about that. I am not one to back down simply because one person insists that I do so. The comments that I made at the beginning still stand and no one has yet provided any evidence to refute them.
  20. I didnt say anything about stills cameras , by your admission you have never used ENG cameras ?? I don't think I was assuming anything more you yourself had stated ..no ?.. and sorry but what you said was "wrong" there is no other word .. of course an ENG camera wont fit on a small gimbal ..not many cameras will let alone ENG .. you would need another camera for that or a steadi cam .. not sure what your point is there .. the same reasons you put forward its also why I wouldn't try to debate you after I had made an incorrect statement about a certain stills camera , I have no experience with them and so would keep my mouth shut ,or at least accept I was wrong , .. your really digging a hole now sir ...
  21. I think you may be of the mind set where 'this is the way we've always done it' and therefore nothing else will be considered. The times they are a changing. It's not simply cost, but that's a major factor whether you're an independent or a company. Why is the RED Komodo so popular one may ponder? Cost, form-factor, size, weight, functionality, options available, accessories available etc. You appear to assume a lot from what I've said regarding my knowledge of camera gear. When it comes to stills photography, I've shot with every conceivable camera type from large format to very small point and shoot cameras. So I have a pretty good idea of what size and weight means when it comes to hand holding a camera and keeping things steady. My current run & gun rig weighs 4.1kg, something that many baulk at as being way too heavy, and I stick that on my Crane 3s which brings the total weight up to 8.3kg. My earlier rig weight 9.1kg on it's own. 4.1kg is just about right. Try placing your ENG camera from your shoulder onto a gimbal, then a slider or maybe a car rig. I think that you'll find the versatility I spoke of isn't so applicable to the photo I posted. And you are using that old argument from authority basis: I think that you are wrong. And why don’t we see more ENG/EFP form factor digital cinema cameras? Because the manufacturers are right. And in case you don't think I have any idea about cinema cameras etc, here's my latest and most favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC_boIGYPY8.
  22. Well no .. pretty much all you said was wrong ..really its wiser to have used the cameras before making sweeping comments on their use, than based on TV crews you have seen in the street or on TV..this is empirically true 🙂 .. the reason we don't see ENG type cameras is most likely because a small box is cheaper to make.. but then the buyer has to make them useable . your statement " greater variability with greater ease,"..also Im afraid not correct..its much harder to hold a small camera out in front of you than a larger camera on your shoulder .. its a camera forum, so of course people with experience are going to flag up your comments that are not accurate .. no point digging a hole for yourself .. accept and move on .. everyone has been wrong its not a crime 🙂
  23. You only fixated on my second comment about shoulder use, not my first comment that covered more important issues. If I'm empirically wrong, then 'Why don’t we see more ENG/EFP form factor digital cinema cameras?' I guess all the comments in the article itself, where they more or less reflect what I've noted, are empirically wrong as well. This photo already tells the vast majority of people that ENG cameras are not for them, for the reasons I stated: Yes, I'm well aware that you can do waist level shots, low level shots, over the head 'Hail Mary' shots etc with an ENG camera, but how many buy one with all of that in mind? Perhaps these people are also empirically wrong? And one should never dismiss an outside point of view; sometimes these can highlight the obvious that is often missed.
  24. Yes sure you can have your opinion , but in this case, what you said was totally and empirically wrong , and you were informed thus by professional camera people who have used these cameras for decades .. and the new ones ..why not just leave it that .. its ok to be wrong and corrected by people actually working in the profession .. you could even thank those that have taken the time to correct your inaccurate claims to save you any embarrassment with a potential employer in the future ..
  25. https://www.newsshooter.com/2021/01/08/review-aputure-amaran-200d-100d-budget-cob-lights/
  26. https://www.newsshooter.com/2021/01/08/comica-traxshot-super-cardioid-transformable-all-in-one-shotgun-mic-review/
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