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  3. @Run&Gun You‘re right. From the R5 manual: Set the recording method for movies. • Standard Records movies to the card selected in [ Record/play]. • Auto switch card Same as [Standard], but recording ends when the card becomes full. When you resume recording, the camera switches to the other card for recording. A new folder is created after switching cards. • Card 1 RAW, Card 2 mp4 For each recording, a RAW movie is recorded to card 1 and an MP4 movie to card 2, both with the same file number. When one card becomes full, recording is no longer possible.
  4. I’m not in the US, so can’t help, but I’ve heard https://staffmeup.com is good for some roles.
  5. I'll willing to fly economy into the US.. but will need a town car pick up to hotel.. and a corner room .. with executive breakfast lounge access ... thanks ..
  6. A user on another forum that I'm on that has the R5 reported that there is dual card recording in 8K RAW modes. 8K/30P RAW + 4K DCI IPB 8K/24P RAW + 4K DCI IPB 8K/24.00P RAW + 4K DCI IPB I interpret this to mean 8K RAW is recorded onto the CFexpress card and 4K onto the SD card.
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  8. Sorry USA. Thanks for reminder! Im not sure where all to post. I don't seem to be getting much traction on Facebook camera users groups so any other forums or places to recommend are such appreciated.
  9. I hope this trend runs its course sooner, rather than later. It's not that having a moody image or a reflection of reality (not that everyone sees that in the same way) is necessarily bad, but when it impacts on the ability of the viewer to see anything other than maybe a face, then the entire point is lost. I also don't believe that this sort of lighting is, or necessarily contributes towards, cinematic results. Perhaps that's why things have gone a little awry. Lighting is only a part of cinematic story telling, it should complement the story, not dominate it. Just consider the hey days of movie making when such things as westerns used blue filters to make things look like night (because of technical challenges I know), yet you could still see what was happening. Nowadays you'd be lucky to see anything more than the campfire. Just as an example, many I time I've gone camping in our High Country and taken photos of the camp or a dingy hut with nothing but the fire lighting the scene or a small light to frame the subjects. A modern film maker would probably ensure that you saw nothing more than the face. And I just wanted to add, not pointing this at anyone here, but when I hear or read about something being 'cinematic' all that comes to mind is that quote from The Princess Bride: 'You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means'.
  10. Yeah, it’s just a trend, and honestly, one I’m getting a little bored of!
  11. FYI, I think there is a size limit in photo uploads, not in terms of dimensions and file size. Try to get it under 2000x2000pixels and under 2mb.
  12. A number of things at play here. One is just a trend in lighting. There's always trendsetters in any art form. Game of Thrones was certainly a trendsetter. I think after the first season, when they realized they had a hit on their hands they pushed for a more realistic lighting approach over what they did in the first season. That paired with the general trend in commercial of moviemaking lighting of the present day to have very gentle lighting gradations came full circle with the final season of GoT and the result is some very interesting images, for better or worse. I personally liked the "Dark Night" episode as a cinematic endeavor, but even I have to admit that streaming and broadcast compression ruined the overall experience. Secondly, there's a lot talent cross over these days with narrative and documentary. I think in decades past, docu images aligned with the visual style of a TV/primetime news interview, skin tones sitting at an appropriate IRE value, blurred background etc. Now some documentaries are pushing more into genre imagery. Good example is CNN's "The Impostor" or a bunch of the more notable Netflix/HBO shows that are going for a more cinematic approach. But as documentaries become more cinematic with the use of lighting and cinema cameras/lenses, where do proper narratives have to go in terms of pushing the boundaries of images. I think that's a big part of what we're seeing at the upper level of our industry. Take something like the Revenant, where they went with ultra wide lenses and a verite style of shooting to create something entirely new. As someone who shoots both narrative and documentary, I'm not upset by the adoption of more cinematic imagery. I think youtubers are typically just a reflection of what's "In" at the moment.
  13. Hello, I'm John. DP and sometimes director. Based in LA, CA. Here's my website: http://johnmgardiner.com/ I shoot a mixture of work, lots of documentaries, I've worked on several ESPN 30/30 features and documentary series. But I also do a fair amount of music videos and narrative based content. I've got a mix of gear to go with my various work. Currently: Alexa Mini, C300mk2, C300mk3, Canon Compact Cinema Zooms and Celere Primes. I shoot stills and timelapse on fuji cameras. Happy to find a forum with a lot of talented pros to converse with.
  14. I own the two canon compact cinema zooms and at their new price point, they punch way above their class. I had mine modded by duclos for EF/PL which has been a life saver. Had some trouble uploading some stills to another post, but heres a link to my frame grab page. Lot of the cine zooms on there. http://johnmgardiner.com/motionstills/
  15. No dual slot recording at all in any mode if I remember correctly (don‘t remember where exactly I read that but pretty sure here on Newsshooter too...).
  16. I hope you are right. I reached out to the makers of Shotput Pro, they said they have thought about it but manufacturers would have to have drivers and the is a question about powering both the external drive and the card reader. I would think USBC would have enough for that. Also they weren’t sure that the maker would be big enough to make it cost effective. Will wait and see what the new OS has in store. In the mean time I guess I will try and get my laptop to last another year or two.
  17. A lot of options out there! I think Vaxxis have a massive sale on at the moment, by the way.
  18. It'll happen soon though, I think. I follow a few developers, Apple staff, and macOS "nerds" on Twitter, and my understanding is that with Big Sur and the Silicon processors things are starting to become more unified between macOS and iPadOS, and what the hardware is capable of. The maker of Hedge (data transfer software) in particular I've seen often comment on this.
  19. Which country Frank? This is a global forum!
  20. Hey Phil, Not sure if you are still looking but I have used multiple different sets of the Celere's across a variety of projects. I was fond of the softer feel and found them a usable budget friendly option when we couldn't afford something like the cooke S4s. Image wise they were nice, very different wide open to being stopped down even half a stop. Rehousing questions aside I felt I could create nice images with them. I am on the hunt for lenses as well and a couple experiences I have had whilst using the Celeres stop them from being a purchase option for me. On 2 seperate occasions with 2 different sets I have had the focus ring of the 85mm become so stiff/stuck it was almost unturnable through 6ft-20ft... Both times this made the lens unusable. I have had the lenses switched out by a hire company because their 85mm was out of order due to focus issues. I have also had an 18.5mm with a slipping iris ring. The only way to get it to engage was to point the lens at the sky... Again it was pretty much useless. I have other anecdotal stories from owners and users but I will stick too first hand experience. Find it a bit of a shame as I felt they provided something different in the lower end price bracket. Cheers, Kurt
  21. I own the set, purchased a few years ago. I was really wanted something with swappable mounts and then the potential to swap the front elements to uncoated intrigued me. I also wasn't looking for anything too slick and sharp. The impressive close focus was also a big thing for me too. I spoke directly with the lens maker (Lars) when I purchased, very nice guy. Spoke in depth about the sourcing of the glass, he was very upfront about things with me. They're a bit of a frankenstein lens, with glass sourced globally as well as in Germany. I look at prime sets in this price bracket as an owner operator kit. Nothing in that budget is going to be a master prime or cooke, so just go for something you enjoy shooting on. These lenses are fine, I don't regret picking them up. The company was actually bought out, by another company, so not quite the negative connotation of the went out of business. I am still looking to get the uncoated front elements if anyone has a lead on them. I'll post a few more images.
  22. Hello, I am a partner in a small production company looking to hire shooters in various places around the country. Does anyone know what would be the best places to post for this online, in forums, on Facebook, even on here, to find corporate/fashion/real estate shooters? Thanks for any info! Frank
  23. Real world tests are starting emerge and it's certainly not looking good on the video front:
  24. Yeah, I mean after all... they made a CineAlta phone FFS!
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  26. Canon heavily touted its 8K video capabilities, with the clear intent of implying that it was above all other hybrid cameras. No one is saying that Canon is or was trying to defraud anyone, the camera can clearly take 8K video, even if it's for a few seconds. That few seconds seems to be borne out given some statements that the overheating begins with stills shooting and thus affects the video ability. Time will tell how the camera fares in the real world.
  27. It's a stills camera. From the beginning they said the 8K and other video codecs are compromised, which should be apparent considering no other manufacturer is putting out 8K raw in a form factor anywhere near the R5. Figuring out the right gear is part of everyone's job. Would you be happier if Canon had not mentioned the 8K raw? I'm going to buy one if only for the stills capability, even though I'm mostly shooting video these days. There is plenty of information available to make a professional's decision about whether to buy it without the suggestion that Canon is trying to defraud the film making community.
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