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  3. According to Panasonic the most common problem is that the camera shuts down by itself. Has anyone had that problem?
  4. On further reflection what I have in mind isn't going to work anyway over a long period of time without proper sync even an external recording from the Z6 is going to drift relative to a separate audio recording. As far as I can tell there's no way to deal with this without a camera with a genlock input. The Ninja-V with the AtomX sync can record timecode but doesn't retime the input and only uses the genlock also available via the sync accessory for playback. There also doesn't seem to easily be such a thing as a retiming HDMI to SDI converter with REF IN as far as I can find. The audio side of things is easier as even on a relative cheap device like a Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 II it's possible to send word clock in to the BNC input and timecode to the aux input from a device such as a Ultrasync One. I guess the problem is simply too niche as it only crops up in broadcast where everything is expensive or long recordings of things like concerts with separate audio.
  5. It is a great camera. I actually bought the S1 in preference to the S5 as I wanted the more solid build, plus full sized HDMI and top screen display. One of the autofocus features I use the most is the tap to focus (can't remember exactly what is called). I recently filmed in a factory using a crane, so had my phone running Lumix sync via WiFi, and then was able to set a focus box and tap on my phone screen to set the focus area. It worked flawlessly, plus the ability to also remotely set iso, white balance, shutter speed and aperture was amazing. The fact it takes fantastic photos is a bonus too. I do agree with you about the limited lens options. However their quality is stunning, and if you're going to stick with the system then the investment makes sense. I hope you get the opportunity to do some travel videography 👍 and thanks for taking the time to write up your experiences.
  6. Funny you mention the monopod - I use one on the base of my S1 with the stabilisation turned on and get very nice results. I have a Ronin S, but to be honest I still prefer the vest system I mistakenly sold after believing all the hype about gimbals. I think you're right in the direction of adding mass to the rig, particularly when it's offset, and if you can couple this with a camera with decent stabilisation the results are excellent and with almost zero setup. I do ninja walk though... I also would be interested if anyone has an alternative solution.
  7. Hi, I'm Steve - videographer, editor and CGI dude. New shooter is my go-to site for video related stuff so delighted this forum has been created. Big user of MFT and full frame, but try not to be a fanboy about any particular system. Technology is there to serve us, not the other way round 😃
  8. Will this be available for the S1 too, or is it S1H only?
  9. Hi All, I'm Chas Isenhart. I'm a DP based in Denver, CO. Looking forward to the discussions and content. IMDB https://vimeo.com/chasisenhart
  10. Hey All, Love the new forum and look. Easy to see and laid out very nicely.
  11. Hi guys, I'm Lou in NYC and South FL... fit 50s, NYU grad, been everywhere, done some but not all of it, agnostic about the tech and platforms, have to been good in sticky situations, and may be able to help in these boots on the ground. Aim high! Peace.
  12. True, that could work. In the same vein, you could convert the HDMI signal to SDI using a Blackmagic Micro Converter and run a much longer length of cable to get the recorder farther away. Those converters are tiny and fairly cheap, too. Renting them could be just a couple of bucks.
  13. So I wonder if there is another solution using a Ninja V. There exist optical HDMI cables that convert the signals so can achieves lengths of tens of meters. So perhaps I could get the Ninja V far enough away for it not to be a problem. I guess it's worth asking Atomos if such a cable would work.
  14. This seems to be a popular option in the BMC Forum: https://www.shoot35.com/CINEfocus-Pro-Follow-Focus-p/cinefocus-pro-followfocus.htm I have no personal experience with it though, so you'll have to judge for yourself or maybe dig deeper on extensive reviews. 😉
  15. What I'm really hoping for in the next firmware update is dual slot capabilities of 8K ALL-I in the CFE and 4KHQ ALL-I in the SD slot. That would make a world of difference, that would be optimal. Or 8K RAW lite and 4KHQ ALL-I would be nice too. I've got the 28-70 f2.0 lens and it's stunning even wide-open, easily on par with my Leicas back in the day. One hell of a camera.
  16. Would it be possible to put an external recorder in a sound dampening case? I've had an Atomos Shogun Inferno inside a small Pelican case with foam to dampen the fan noise, only the power and SDI cable would stick out, with additional foam in between the lid and the bottom. It's not the prettiest setup, but it worked decently. Heat buildup should be considered, but as long as you turn the monitor brightness down and don't record 4K60, you should be fine for a good amount of time. Insert a somewhat large SSD and you can record for literally days at a time with ProRes LT. To me, this seems like a feasible solution with both good quality and silent recording for a few hours.
  17. Oh one other thing. When not logged in the system seems to offer to allow me to post first and register later when relying to threads with only needing to complete a recaptcha. Perhaps this could be disabled.
  18. The only reason I would need to record externally is due to the 29m59s clip length limit on the Nikon Z6 internal recording since the length of some of the music will be longer than that. The thing being if I can't achieve a solution that isn't going to disturb the audio recording with fan noise with the Z6 then the answer is going to be obtaining a different camera. Other than that I suspect I suspect the footage will end up on YouTube so the upmost video quality isn't required.
  19. Hello, I bought the Tilta mini follow focus and I'm happy with it, but it only work well with "infinite to the left" lens like Tamron. Any recommandation for a not too expensive reversible follow focus ? thanks
  20. Do you need to record externally? Where will the footage be shown?
  21. I'm not normally a videographer, more normally live sound engineer, but I've been asked to record footage of a classical cellist in a chapel playing (I think) entire Bach cello Partitas. The camera I have at my disposal is a Nikon Z6 so is limited to 30 m internally so isn't going to be able to record for long enough enough in one take. From what I can see both the usual external recording solutions that is to say the Atomos Ninja V and the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G are have fans which are noisy enough that they are going to be a problem. The only possibly silent external recording option I've come across so far is one of the black-magic HyperDeck series of products. I was wondering if there is anything else available before I give up and try and obtain a more suitable camera?
  22. Thanks, I wasn't actually asking to be treated specially. I was suggesting that at least one of the emails you get on signup should mention that due to spammers the ability of new members to post topics will be restricted. You don't actually need to say what the restrictions so the mechanical turk on the end of the spamming can game them just that they exist.
  23. Sorry Paul - we've been fighting a battle against spammers on the boards. I've fast-tracked you to a full member so you can post anywhere.
  24. When I spoke with them last year about mine, it seemed like a lot/most(?) of the user base is shooting with cameras with flat bottom or non-ENG style shoulder pads, so they don’t need to counteract that shape. They actually, initially, recommended that I should have a flat plate made that I could lock onto the bottom of my cameras. But it would have actually made one of my problems even worse(the camera sitting up too high causing me to look up and continually have my head and neck in a bad and uncomfortable position). Unless the original design was adding significant cost to manufacturing or causing undesired consequences(like slipping under load), I don’t see why they needed to remove the adjustability. If I had been stuck with the non-adjustable version, I would have returned mine or sold it.
  25. I just registered I've been reading the site for some time and registered to pick the collective brains about bits of gear for specific uses, it would have put me off if I didn't know that boards often prevent new users from posting and go digging as currently there's no indication when you register that you are sandboxed until you've built up some reputation.
  26. Hi Nuthan, Sorry for the very slow reply! I have no idea why they took out the roll adjustment. It's quite strange. I have actually flagged this with them before, but I didn't get a specific reply. The camera isn't resting directly on metal: there is a soft cushioned pad that helps!
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