ARRI ALEXA 35 Operator’s Set

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At Cine Gear 2024 in Los Angeles, ARRI was showing its upcoming ALEXA 35 Operator’s Set, which is designed to turn the ALEXA 35 into more of an Amira configuration.

This set was requested by organizations such as NFL Films, which uses both the Amira and ALEXA 35 for its productions.

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The set consists of the ‘Touchdown’ baseplate system, a new longer shoulder pad and camera plate, and a new wooden top handle.

The whole aim of the ALEXA 35 Operator’s Set, is to make the camera easier to shoulder mount and more comfortable to use.

The biggest addition is arguably the new ‘Touchdown’ baseplate system. This consists of the TBP-1 which is a camera baseplate with a big shoulder pad and a new docking baseplate (TRP-1) that you attach to a tripod. This is essentially a better and more robust version of a VCT-14 system. The way it works is that when you insert the front part of the baseplate into the locking mechanism it then automatically aligns the camera and guides it into the rear locking mechanism. This is a very clever design and it works really well. There is also a two stage locking lever for added safety. The front of the TRP-1 also features two ARRI rosettes for attaching handles, etc.

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In a lot of ways the system sort of reminds me of the old ARRI Digi Cine Baseplate which was based on a VCT-14 standard.

The very long and comfortable shoulder pad is a marked improvement over previous shoulder pads that were available for the camera.

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This shoulder pad is really nice to use and it is great if you do a lot of shoulder based shooting.

The new wooden top handle (Top Operator Grip TOG-1) which is part of the set allows for forward and backward adjustability and it features a ton of mounting points. It attaches to the top of the camera so you don’t have to use the UAP-3. The TOG-1 also allows you to use the standard MVF-2 EVF and mounting bracket that comes included with the Lightweight Set.

The wooden top handle attaches directly to the Top Operator Plate (TOP-1). The TOP-1 attaches to the top of the camera and it features the ability to use top 15mm rods and it also has mounting points so you can still run accessories.

Price & Availability

The ARRI ALEXA 35 Operator’s Set will retail for €3,490. It will start shipping at the end of July.

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