PICEX Hong Kong: F-Stop new Loka Ultra-lightweight backpack

By site editor Dan Chung:

Newsshooter at PICEX: F-Stop bags from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

This weekend I joined our reporter Mat Gallagher in Hong Kong to visit the PICEX trade show. The exhibition is mainly aimed at photographers, but there were quite a few products of interest to video shooters as well.

F-Stop bags were at the show demonstrating an interesting new Loka Ultra-lightweight backpack that looks great for on-the-go shooters using DSLRs or mid-sized video cameras. It is designed to be a discrete and comfortable solution to carrying kit. It features a unique system of interchangeable modular dividers called ICUs (Internal Camera Units). The same backpack shell can accommodate different ICUs depending on how much gear you need for your assignment.

The brand isn’t as well known as Thinktank, Lowepro or Kata, but have managed to build a loyal following with some video shooters. Our own Newsshooter contributor Jonah Kessel uses F-Stop bags regularly.

For more info check out the F-Stop website.

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