NAB 2013: Sachtler Ace L tripod system

By Features Editor Mat Gallagher:

NAB2013: Sachtler Ace L tripod system from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Jonah Kessel talks to Tobias Keuthen and Danna Kinsky from Sachtler about their new Ace L tripod system. The Ace L is an upgrade of the M system. It is lighter at just 9lbs (4Kg) but with a payload of 13.2lbs (6Kg) compared with just 8.8lbs (4Kg) on the M system. It has an eluminated light bubble, a counter balance control and telescoping legs giving a height range from 7-73in (17.8-185cm). The L tripod system is expected to sell for $1000, depending on the exact system, when it goes on sale next week.

We’re a big fan of Danna’s work as well. Check out her site here.

Interview shot by Rick Macomber and Chuck Fadely.



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