NAB2013: Nasty clamp proves that size matters

Reported by Jonah Kessel:

NAB 2013: Vaguely obscene looking clamp proves that size matters from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

While some men might argue otherwise,”Mister Nasty clamps” Matt stopped Rick Macomber on the floor of NAB 2013 to tell him size does matter. Is this a joke? Well, not really. Matt makes clamps, similar to the popular gorilla pod. However, Matt’s Nasty Clamp ends with a 1/4″-20 standard tripod screw.

This allows users to attach LEDs, portable strobes, sound recording devices or even point in shoot cameras to hard to mount places. The clamp is said to support up to one pound of weight (approximately 450 grams).

Matt’s latest Nasty Clamp supports the same weight, but offers a smaller clamp to grip on to smaller objects.

While the object might be vaguely obscene, these things can be tremendously useful.

Interview shot by Jonah Kessel and Chuck Fadely.




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