The Chinese KineRAW mini S35 camera – a new rival to Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera?

By site editor Dan Chung:

A render of the new KineRAW mini design

A render of the new KineRAW Mini design

Not long ago no-one had heard of Kinefinity and their Chinese made KineRAW cameras. Now they have unveiled initial specifications and renders of their second super35 digital cinema camera called the KineRAW MINI – to live alongside their existing KineRAW S35 model.

It features the same sensor as KineRAW S35 and almost the same features set but at a much lower cost with a much smaller body that should fit in the palm of your hand.

How is this done? this camera does away with the KineRAW S35‘s built in CineForm encoder – the new model only records Cinema DNG internally. It is fanless and has no built in LCD, meaning an external HDMI monitor or EVF is essential for operating the camera. For these reasons it also has much lower power consumption than the original S35 camera. There will also be an accessory handgrip for a battery.


It will come in two lens mounts – either a pure EOS version with aperture control for Canon lenses, or an interchangeable mount version that will allow adapters for PL, Nikon as well as electronic Canon EOS mounts. The EOS only version will be lighter than its sister model.

Other limitations are that is only has a Single SSD slot and there are fewer controls on the body than it’s older sister. If you do want to record Cineform then the camera will have a data port that allows connection to matching external Cineform recorder which the company also hopes to make.

Below is a table of initial specs from Kinefinity themselves:


KineRAW claim the new camera will shown at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas. Cost is predicted to be much lower than the existing S35 model but pricing is not finalised. I assume they are wanting to pitch this camera head-to-head with the Blackmagic Design Cinema camera which is still massively backordered. Of course like many cameras these days the specs and design may change dramatically before the camera reaches production.

KineRAW mini 3


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  1. BJNY Says:
    January 14th, 2013 at 12:55 am

    Looks like medium format Rolleiflex Hy6

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