Video interview: Death in Syria – how Globalpost’s Tracey Shelton captured her extraordinary images

By site editor Dan Chung:

Perhaps no images have captured the vicious conflict in Syria as graphically as Tracey Shelton’s shots capturing the moment a tank blast killed three rebel fighters at a barricade in Aleppo. They went viral and were quickly picked up by mainstream media around the world. Few realised that although they look like stills, they were actually taken from the video she was shooting there on a Canon 7D. Global Post has now put that out and it helps to explain the context of those images.

Tracey Shelton shooting the debris of blown up store in Ariha, Syria. Photo by Niklas Meltio

She’s now safely out of Syria and was kind enough to talk to me about her experiences there, how she shot these images and what she plans to do next. You can watch our interview here:

Dslrnewsshooter interview: Tracey Shelton on how she captured images of life and death in Syria from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Tracey Shelton with rebel fighters. Photo by Niklas Meltio

Tracey has also worked in Libya and Iraq and is about to complete the Bolton University multimedia journalism Masters course at the Beijing Foreign Studies University with DJ Clark (disclaimer: I have been one of her lecturers). Here are some of her other videos:


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One response to "Video interview: Death in Syria – how Globalpost’s Tracey Shelton captured her extraordinary images"

  1. Mark Dobson Says:
    September 13th, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Thank’s for that Dan,

    I’m amazed at the resilience of Tracey as she talks about the situation she was documenting. A really plucky individual.

    I can only echo your final words to Tracey that she stays safe because however she logically analyses how safe she was by being round the corner of the road the tank was in, the video sequence also shows how close she was to the explosion.

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