Edelkrone launch the Focus ONE Pro – a follow focus designed with run and gun in mind

By site editor Dan Chung:

Edelkrone have launched a new follow focus which looks like it is well suited to the needs of the solo shooter. Compatible with standard 0.8 pitch gears the Focus ONE Pro is similar to their previous Focus ONE, but with the addition of a whip/crank port and a reverse gear for Nikon lenses.

Unlike many other follow focus units the Focus ONE Pro only needs a single 15mm rail for attachment to a rig. It can be easily repositioned on the rail with a single adjustment knob. This makes is easier to fit to handheld rigs and keeps the form factor smaller.

The rotating focus marker on the Edelkrone Focus ONE Pro

One unique feature of Edelkrone follow focus units is the lack of a traditional marking disk. Edelkrone provide a rotating focus marker instead – which they claim does away with the need for a marker pen or tape and still gives accurate start and end positions.

The Focus ONE Pro is expected to be $289 US when it goes on sale.

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  1. kayleigh Says:
    March 27th, 2013 at 7:11 am

    While this follow focus looks good. Personally I always get my gear from They have loads of follow focus gear at great prices including; gears, gear rings, follow focus rigs and other follow focus accessories perfect for the DSLR filmmaker.

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