Nikon launch D3200 enthusiast DSLR with 1080P video

By site editor Dan Chung:

Nikon have just launched their latest enthusiast level DSLR the D3200. The interesting thing to note about the D3200 is that is has 1080P HD video in 24, 25 and 30P frame rates as well as a stereo minijack input for audio. This camera rounds out the Nikon DSLR line bringing higher video specs to their lower end model – something Canon have had for some time with the EOS T3i/600D and 60D. It will be interesting to see just how good the video image quailty from this camera will be – it may turn out to be a useful camera for budget Nikon based shooters or a B or C camera for D800/D4 shooters.

Also potentially interesting is the new add-on WU-1a wireless module which allows remote control of some of the camera functions from an Android phone and soon an iOS device. No word yet as to whether this will allow for video triggering and control of settings.

Dpreview have more info and spec here.

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