Sony NEX-FS700 sample videos now online

By site editor Dan Chung

Sony have today released the first sample videos from the NEX-FS700. The video features my friend Den Lennie (who created my DSLR training DVD alongside me) and various other filmmakers who have had a chance to shoot with pre-production cameras.

It was also very interesting to note that Sony met with Den to discuss camera development six months ago – clearly they are actively listening to shooters needs.

The NEX-FS700 (Left) compared to its sister the FS100 (photo courtesy of Frank Glencairn)

I look forward to hearing more about the cameras from these filmmakers in the run up to NAB2012. So far the super slow motion function especially looks very impressive.

Frank Glencairn shoots documentary with the NEX-FS700 (photo courtesy of Frank Glencairn)

Frank Glencairn has blogged about his experiences with the camera here.
Shooter Peter Prevec also featured in the video has written about it here.

My previous look at the tech specs of the camera are here.

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2 responses to "Sony NEX-FS700 sample videos now online"

  1. DarrylGregory Says:
    April 5th, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    I would first like to say thanks to all you, I was hoping this article would have more detail as to what lenses and camera settings each of you used, and who and what process was done for color correction, for the most part It looks lovely but leans toward bluish grey, and some shots look a little soft, also overall it look a bit under exposed.

    Still looks great and I thank all of you for sharing.

  2. LAFilmGroup Says:
    April 5th, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    The Sony NEX FS-100 is capable of amazing images (that one wouldn’t expect from its 25mb/Sec codec).

    The Sony NEX FS-700 probably is more capable.

    Undeniably the FS-700’s slow motion capabilities are tremendous and its sharpness is something the Canon 5D MK III could only hope to achieve on its best day (after surgically removing its filters).

    That said, I found this first sample video to be quite horrendous.

    I don’t know whether it was in the way it was shot or simply post-production decisions gone awry, but where do I begin …

    0.55 Seagull – Too steel colored
    1:12 Ferris Wheel – Too Dark
    1:26 Motorcylce Race – Too Dark and Gloomy
    1:42 Helmeted Rider – Too Red
    2:00 Girl putting on Make-Up — Too red and too dark
    2:01 Welder – Too dark and gloomy
    2:06 Girl Resting — Too cold with no punch
    3:00 Car approaching — Too dark, no punch
    3:04 Girl Driving — Too cold looking
    3:14 Car from far away — Washed out image and colors
    3:22 Man with gun — Sky is too light and man is too dark and gray
    3:51 Beautiful Dancer – She looks amazing, but overall much too dark
    4:03 Pick Up Truck — Too Dark
    4:45 Skateboarders — Colors are far too washed out
    4:45 Motorcycle Jump – Purple Skies?

    Coming from a $9,000 ground breaking camera, this has to be one of the worst demo videos I’ve ever seen.

    Am I being overly harsh? Does anyone else feel even slightly this way?

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