'Bob the aviator' – a Canon C300 short doc

By Dan Chung

I’ve been lucky enough to test a pre-production Canon C300 for the past few days. I’m really happy to post this short story collabrative project shot entirely on the camera.

I was joined last Sunday by DOP Andy Jackson who regularly shoots for the BBC, James Velacott of Cherryduck productions and freelance shooter Felix Clay who works mainly for the Guardian.

The idea was to film a mini-documentary in just one day. It was then edited and graded by Cherryduck’s in house team. I’ll be talking about our experiences shortly, but for now I hope you enjoy the results.


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3 responses to "'Bob the aviator' – a Canon C300 short doc"

  1. Mark Dobson Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 4:28 am

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for posting this C300 film. Really nice shot composition and a great idea to try the camera out on a mini-documentary.

    I found the colour grade a bit over the top but looking at other videos on the Cherryduck site it’s quite mild!

    Are you thinking of getting the C300?

  2. hobo Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 6:58 am

    Great Work. Beautifully composed.
    And I cannot help Imagining what would have been attempted by some YouTubers with a GoPro. All air and no craft I’d wager.

    Im watching wistfully in west Africa without the three magic ingredients (a) no C300 (yet), (b) no delta blues (3) no Andy Jackson

    Im wondering what lighting was used?
    How effortless was the Canon Log grading?
    Is the post process MBPro-friendly or hugely processor-intensive?

    Well done to all involved. The armchair shot /wide wing shot /sky shot are ace btw.

    Now, alas…back to my tiny 5d and it’s huge sack of essential accessories…


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