Glidetrack launch the Mobislyder for Iphone, GoPro, GH2 and other compact digital cameras

By Dan Chung

Someone had to do it sooner or later. Glidetrack have launched a compact slider aimed at users of Iphones, smartphones, GoPros and other smaller digital cameras. The unit is competitively priced at £99 (inc VAT) for the standard version. There is an optional user changeable longer rail which at 660mm can add an extra 300mm of travel.

Mobislyder from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

The Mobislyder with extension rail fitted

I can imagine this being a rather fun toy to play with combined with a camera like the Panasonic GH2, Sony HX9v or indeed the IPhone 4S.

The Mobislyder comes with 5 different mounts so there are numerous ways to attach it to your device. It is due to ship on December the 12th, just in time for Christmas. More details at

Below are some example videos, I have to say that they do appear perhaps a little too jerky for my tastes (Edit – please see Alastair’s comments below):

Mobislyder – Panasonic GH2 from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

Mobislyder Example Shots from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

Mobislyder Example Shots II from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

Edit – The Mobislyder website now has a range of future accessories on show which include accessories to add wheels to the slider and also turn it into a mini dolly. Check them out here.

Future Mobislyder accessory options


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One response to "Glidetrack launch the Mobislyder for Iphone, GoPro, GH2 and other compact digital cameras"

  1. Mobislyder Says:
    November 30th, 2011 at 5:28 am

    Thanks for the review! Regarding jerkiness, as I mentioned in the blurb, these were “real world” samples. I could have taken the easy way out, and done all my shots in a controlled environment i.e.on a snooker table.
    I was literally out with the family using one of the pre production samples and this really was my own first experience with the finished article and , as such, I was just having fun and on a learning curve. Hopefully you can see I gradually got into my stride as time went on.

    This product is all about opening up a whole new market to being creative.

    As such, you have to stop and remind yourself that you are using your PHONE to shoot this. I only have an iPhone 4.

    4s would have been nice with its image stabilisation.

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